Our Two Bedroom Story


iOS App Store: Our Two Bedroom Story
Google Play: Our Two Bedroom Story

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02-minato-our-two-bedroom-story 03-kaoru-our-two-bedroom-story 04-shuusei-our-two-bedroom-story 05-chiaki-our-two-bedroom-story 06-akiyoshi-our-two-bedroom-story 07-tsumugu-our-two-bedroom-story

Your house (first season):


Your new house (second season):

09-our-two-bedroom-story 10-our-two-bedroom-story 11-our-two-bedroom-story

From the Invite a Friend campaign:

12-our-two-bedroom-story 13-our-two-bedroom-story 14-our-two-bedroom-story 15-our-two-bedroom-story 16-our-two-bedroom-story

From the Invite a Friend campaign (Japanese version):

17-joushi-to-himitsu-no-2ldk 18-joushi-to-himitsu-no-2ldk 19-joushi-to-himitsu-no-2ldk 20-joushi-to-himitsu-no-2ldk 21-joushi-to-himitsu-no-2ldk

Bonus from 500 shares on Facebook:


Valentine’s Day 2014 bonus image:


Bonuses from purchasing all season 1 stories:

24-minato-our-two-bedroom-story 25-kaoru-our-two-bedroom-story 26-shuusei-our-two-bedroom-story 27-chiaki-our-two-bedroom-story 28-akiyoshi-our-two-bedroom-story

Joushi to Himitsu no 2LDK x Otona no Hatsukoi, Hajimemasu bonus image:


Chiaki main stories purchase bonus:


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