10 Days with My Devil – Satoru main story and epilogue


Satoru’s main story and epilogue CGs

I played Satoru’s route pretty soon after Kakeru’s because I was expecting Satoru to be the type that’s a playboy on the outside but has some deep meaning as to why he acts like a playboy (which I usually really like)… I guess he kind of is that type, but his asshole factor was too huge for me to make him my favoriteĀ (laughs)

There was a part where Satoru flat out forgot about a date with you and doesn’t have any excuse for it, which ends up with you waiting out in the rain for hours and you ending up with a cold. I think that was it for me, haha. Basically, I was disappointed in Satoru for not taking protag seriously, and I was annoyed with protag for being dumb and being a doormat by waiting in the rain for so long…

Well aside from that, he does have some cute points, like enjoying eating chocolate. He also hates technology, which was cute at first, but then it got annoying, haha… Anyway, his change of heart seems genuine enough, so I think I can forgive him!?


The date in the sky was cute!

Anyway, I like Kakeru more than Satoru… Satoru kind of reminds me of Riki from Love Letter from Thief X, in the way where they both kind of push the protag away by being jerks, but for some reason, I was okay with Riki, and Satoru just made me angry… You won’t be catching me waiting in the rain for hours just because a guy forgot our date! I have a little backbone, okay

Now I’m waiting impatiently for Shiki’s route

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