10 Days with My Devil – Kakeru main story and epilogue


Kakeru’s main story and epilogue CGs

I have so many games to log…
Well, now that I’m back at school, I’ll have a mostly stable internet connection, so I want to log as much as I can!

Voltage released “10 Days with My Devil” in English, and my friend and I downloaded it so fast (laughs)
I did Kakeru’s route first, and I really like him!

I ‘ll need to go back and do a proper review when I have more time, but I remember thinking that Kakeru acts S, but the protag banters with him enough to make him seem not S at all? Something like that, hehe.

Not gonna lie, Kakeru’s route made me pretty interested in Satoru’s route (LAUGHS)
His entire route made me really interested in Shiki, too! So I’m really looking forward to Shiki’s route…!

There was one pretty awkward part where I had to roll my eyes at the protag (where she kind of begged to sleep with Kakeru), but overall, I really like Kakeru and his story! I guess I like that type that tries to pick on you, but you end up bantering and teasing each other. Kakeru also acts tough but is a bit of a loser since he’s not good with dogs and kids. Now I’m questioning my taste…


I played the epilogue in one go as well (laughs)

I remember thinking the banter between Satoru and Shiki was like… having BL in my otoge, ehehe…

So yes! I really like 10 Days with My Devil! I’m not sure how I feel about Rein’s accent? I don’t know what dialect he has in the Japanese version, but the translation makes it near impossible to understand what he says… Anyway, next is Satoru!

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