Dangan Ronpa



I started playing Dangan Ronpa with the English patch today. I played DR last year, but my Japanese was definitely not SHSL then, so I’m sure I missed out on a lot of things.

I’m playing on an emulator because, for some reason, I can’t find my PSP… The controls are kind of annoying me, as well as the text glitch… But the translation team did a really wonderful job!


I, too, wish I could be a SHSL Gyaru





I’m doM for Togami




I only was able to finish the prologue tonight because I came down with a headache… More despair when I wake up then!

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1 Response to Dangan Ronpa

  1. I just got the English patch as well, can’t wait to try this out! Hopefully I can find my PSP and it works >< I heard there was a problem with some audio with the English patch, is that correct? I couldn't find many comments on this. So I got both versions that said it was the English patch (in case one of them doesn't have such a problem).

    Also, what's the text glitch??

    Funnily, just this once I didn't want to get spoiled about something that looked pretty neat and decided not to read too much about it before watching/playing. And my favorite genre in VN is murder-mystery. Well, mystery more than murder, but you get the point 😛 (Still struggling with Corpse Party, don't even go there!) So Dangan Ronpa was a hilarious surprise to me – I swear I was going "ohohohohohooo" the moment we understood the plot in the anime 😀

    That said; I seriously sat down and started reading about the emulator on Mac for a good time until I went "wait a minute… I have a PSP!"

    I think I'll start playing this over the weekend (°3°)/

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