Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Amazon: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Gamestop: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

My internet had been out for a few days, so when I wasn’t out doing stuff, a lot of time was put into Animal Crossing again (laughs) Except I stopped playing yesterday… Two days without Animal Crossing… Feels surreal.

Anyway, here’s just a log of some of my Animal Crossing adventures!


Hanging out with Leslie!




Visiting Annie!


Riku (actually Jex) hanging out with me, kyaa


Stan came to my house!




Going to Sam’s island!

I’ve been time skipping though because I’m impatient and am usually awake at odd hours of the night… I’m currently trying to work on a perfect town! I also want to eventually make my town fairy tale themed… But none of my neighbors will request a fairy tale bridge, and I have nowhere near enough visitors to remodel my train station…! Animal Crossing dilemmas…

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