iOS App Store: Symphonica

The other day, my friend and I were wasting time together and were trying to find some new mobile games to play (not that I don’t already have enough…), and I stumbled upon Symphonica!

I guess the game has been around for a while, but I hadn’t heard of it before. But I recognized Kurahana Chinatsu’s art right away, and then I saw that it was a rhythm game with classical music…!! And then I saw the preview of Volt and downloaded the game immediately ^q^

I played through the free chapters, and I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH… I think I just have a giant bias toward rhythm games and classical music… I wish this were a game on a console just so there could be more songs… And a better/longer story because it’s quite cheesy so far. (I guess that’s expected for a short game though, and stories for a lot of rhythm games are just weakly there so they can tie the songs together!?)

I’m really close to buying the pack for the rest of the chapters… Please don’t judge me too hard…







yay shotas

yay shotas

Hi, hello. Also can we talk about that furrow between your brows

Hi, hello. Also can we talk about that furrow between your brows


All the songs they have (so far, from what I’ve played) are really famous classical pieces, so I think it wouldn’t be difficult for someone who doesn’t know a lot about classical music to enjoy! Also, I really love the segment from “From the New World” that they chose! It’s my favorite theme from that piece!

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