My Forged Wedding


iOS App Store: My Forged Wedding
Google Play: My Forged Wedding

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02-yamato-my-forged-wedding 03-takamasa-my-forged-wedding 04-ren-my-forged-wedding 05-takao-my-forged-wedding 06-yuuta-my-forged-wedding 07-kunihiko-my-forged-wedding 08-kyouichi-my-forged-wedding 09-haruka-my-forged-wedding 10-akito-my-forged-wedding

From the Invite a Friend campaign:

11-my-forged-wedding 12-my-forged-wedding 13-my-forged-wedding 14-my-forged-wedding

From the Invite a Friend campaign (Japanese version; all images are the same except one):


White Day 2012 bonus image:


Chikai no Kiss grand prize 2013


“To my wife” bonuses from the Japanese app (July 2015) (translation)

17-chikai-to-kiss-wa-totsuzen-ni 18-chikai-to-kiss-wa-totsuzen-ni 19-chikai-to-kiss-wa-totsuzen-ni 20-chikai-to-kiss-wa-totsuzen-ni

Misc. images


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