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So I received an iTunes gift card for Christmas and decided to blow it all on otome games… I’d never played any of the Shall We Date? games before because I highly preferred the paid version of games over the social version because I’m impatient and would like to be able to read and reread the stories at my own pace. (Also, I’m playing way too many games by Voltage and D3 already… I’m seriously drowning in mobage!?) I’d heard that some of the Shall We Date? games have both paid and social versions, and some have paid versions only…? So with some influence from my friend who only plays Shall We Date? games, I downloaded Ninja Love.

I chose Ninja Love out of all the Shall We Date? games because my friend said it was her favorite, and it seems like it’s the favorite for many people. The art seems nice as well, and I’m always on board with games and dramas with characters based on people from/around the Sengoku era, hehe.


I’ve only played Goemon’s story so far because… He seemed like the ijiwaru type… ehehe. And I liked it for the most part, but protag was kind of dumb, and the translation was terrible… It got to the point where I had to start over in the middle of the route and change the language to Japanese… Protag was still dumb, but I enjoyed playing it more, haha.

I haven’t had the chance to play the other routes yet, but I guess it’s nice that routes are sold in packs, so right off the bat (after initially paying), you have a few characters to choose from. I saw that there are a lot of epilogues and side stories available, too, but I’m not sure if I’ll get them… I’m already in too deep with Voltage games that I don’t want to spend more money on this…

Anyway, I’ve heard many of the Shall We Date? games are really good! I’ve also heard that they can get smuttier than Voltage games, haha. If you have a favorite Shall We Date? game, let me know! I want to check more of their games out, but it’s more like… I’m afraid I’m going to open a door that shouldn’t be open a;slkdfja;sa;s

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