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Here’s a list of characters and stories I have yet to purchase or haven’t had time to play yet, therefore haven’t listed their answer choices in their respective walkthroughs.

If there’s a story you’d like me to add to a walkthrough, or if there’s even a game you’d like me to check out (for example, a Japanese game if you’re having trouble with the language barrier), please request it in the comments! I’ll do my best to help you ;w;

(Last updated 1.9.2016)
(On hiatus until further notice!)

To-do list:
– Neko Mura walkthrough
– TMGS3 walkthrough
– Finish Storm Lover Kai! walkthrough


Pirates in Love

– Christopher (sequel)
– Thomas (sequel) *
– Morgan (sequel) *
– Alan (sequel) *
– Leonardo (sequel) *
– Russell (second sequel)
– Christopher (second sequel)
– Nathan (second sequel)
– Thomas (second sequel)
– Morgan (second sequel)
– Alan (second sequel)

My Forged Wedding

– Kyouichi (wedding)
– Saeki (honeymoon)
– Takao (honeymoon)
– Kunihiko (honeymoon)
– Kyouichi (honeymoon)
– Akito (honeymoon)

Seduced in the Sleepless City

In Your Arms Tonight

– Kiyoto (wedding)

Be My Princess

– Zain (sequel) *

Love Letter from Thief X

– Yuki (proposal)
– Hiro (licensed to wed)
– Atsumu (licensed to wed)
– Riki (wedding)
– Atsumu (wedding)

My Sweet Bodyguard

– Subaru (wedding)
– Kaiji (wedding)
– Sora (wedding)
– Gotou (wedding)
– Kurosawa (wedding)

10 Days with My Devil

– Haruhito/Satoru (5 days a human)
– Shiki/Tsubasa (5 days a human)

Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

– Haruki (10 years later) *
– Ryuuzou (10 years later) *
– Takeshi (10 years later) *
– Rihito (10 years later) *
– Jouji (10 years later) *
– Haruki (wedding)
– Takeshi (wedding)
– Rihito (wedding)

Class Trip Crush

– Taketo (our first) *
– Kanji (wedding)
– Nagisa (wedding)
– Taketo (honeymoon)
– Yasuto (honeymoon)
– Kanji (honeymoon)
– Homare (honeymoon)
– Nagisa (honeymoon)
– Yasuto (graduation trip crush)
– Kanji (graduation trip crush)
– Nagisa (graduation trip crush)

Our Two Bedroom Story

– Akiyoshi (no love allowed)

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

– Eisuke season 3 *
– Soryu season 3 *
– Baba season 3

Metro PD

– Hanai (armed and engaged)
– Himuro (armed and engaged)

Enchanted in the Moonlight

– Yukinojou (love nest for two)
– Samon (love nest for two)

First Love Diaries

– Mahiro (senior year)
– Souta (senior year)
– Mitsuru (senior year)
– Nao (college days)
– Yuuya (college days)
– Souta (college days)
– Mitsuru (college days)

Finally, in Love Again

– Aki (wedding)
– Momo (wedding)
– Sousuke (wedding)
– Kazuki (wedding)

True Love, Sweet Lies

– Rui sequel *
– Sakuya (season 2) *
– Rui (season 2)
– Naomasa (season 2)
– Nozomu (season 2)

Her Love in the Force

– Ayumu (meeting him)
– Ayumu (falling in love)

Star-Crossed Myth

– Karno (sequel) *

Scandal in the Spotlight

– Kyouhei (season 2)
– Iori (season 2)
– Kouta (season 2)
– Takashi (season 2)

My Wedding and 7 Rings

Hayami main story *
– Hayami sequel

Sakura Amidst Chaos

– Mitsuhide main story
– Saizou main story
– Mitsunari main story
– Kojuurou main story
– Kiyomasa main story
– Shingen main story
– Hanzou main story
– Nobunaga (love blooms) *
– Ieyasu (love blooms) *
– Nobunaga (in full blossom)
– Kenshin (in full blossom)
– Ieyasu (in full blossom)

Kiss Me on Clover Hill

– Daisuke main story
– Souichi (season 2)
– Chihiro (season 2)
– Shoukichi (season 2)
– Kazuto (season 2)
– Daisuke (season 2)
– Souichi (season 3)
– Bunta (season 3)
– Yuusuke (season 3)
– Chihiro (season 3)
– Shoukichi (season 3)
– Kazuto (season 3)
– Souichi (season 4)
– Bunta (season 4)
– Yuusuke (season 4)
– Chihiro (season 4)
– Shoukichi (season 4)
– Kazuki (season 4)


Forbidden Romance: Office Lovers

– Haruyuki main story

Forbidden Romance: Pub Encounter

– Souichirou main story
– Ryuunosuke season 2

Forbidden Romance: Secrets of Me

– Akira main story

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  1. welcometowonderland

    Oh thanks for giving me a heads up! I’ve been looking forward to the English patch but stopped keeping up with updates hehe. I’ll do my best!

  2. Tei Kamiya

    Hello! I’ve been using your walkthroughs ever since I started playing Amnesia. Same w/ Code:Realize & Norn9. Now I’m playing Ozmafia. I got all the Good Ends w/o sweat thanks to your walkthroughs! I hope you’ll make a walkthrough for Re:Birthday Song too when the english patch is done and released. Thank you! ?

  3. welcometowonderland

    That’s fine with me! Thank you so much for linking back to me ?

  4. Victoria

    Hello. I used your walkthrough Amnesia™: Memories to create the guide in the steam. Here is the link: Do you not mind, I hope?

  5. doggy173

    Yeah, I got the game yesterday from Amazon since I preordered it. I’m not a fast player because I have school, but I can try to help you if you need it!

  6. welcometowonderland

    Ohh never mind, I got it today! It was just a one-day delay ;w; thank you though! I’ll do more walkthroughs tonight hehe

  7. welcometowonderland

    By the way, were you able to get the game yet? ^o^ If you have, I was going to request your help to check over my answers to match the English version until I’m able to get my copy ;w;

  8. welcometowonderland

    I am! Except I went to gamestop today, and their shipment for norn9 was delayed, so I still don’t have the game yet ;A; but I think I’ll get a head start on the guide tonight or tomorrow anyway!

  9. doggy173

    Hi! I love your blog, and I used your Amnesia and Code Realize walkthroughs extensively. Today, Norn9 Var Commons just got released, so I was wondering if you were planning on doing a walkthrough for it. I feel like I’d be so lost without you. ?

    Thank you,

  10. welcometowonderland

    Ahhh I’m so glad you think my walkthroughs are clear; that’s one of my biggest worries! ;w; I’ll definitely get it done! I kind of enjoy making walkthroughs anyway since it helps me brush up on Japanese (and this will give me an excuse to play TMGS3 again! hehe) Btw, who’s your favorite? *w*

  11. Kate

    There are already some but I think they’re not as clear as yours and I find them a little difficult to understand. So I prefer that you make one then I can play easier. But take your time, I know it’s long to make one. :B

  12. welcometowonderland

    I can do that! I played TMGS3 a few years ago, but I thought there was already a walkthrough out there somewhere already in English, so I didn’t bother, haha. I can start once I finish up the walkthroughs for storm lover kai ;w;

  13. Kate

    Oh it’s okay thank you very much :3
    I wish you could also make Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3 one day since I saw it’s one of your favorite otome game too! (if only there could be more english games on psp… ><)

  14. welcometowonderland

    I’m in the middle of Souya’s right now, so I’ll have the others out within the next week or two! ;w; thank you for being patient with me hehe

  15. Kate

    Sincerely you’re doing a very good job! it’s very helpful and easy for me to understand (I’m from France so I have some difficulties in english but everything is understandable on your blog :3).
    Oh are you really making the walkthroughs by your own way and with only a japanese guide ? I once try for Brothers Conflict and I was totally lost… >w<
    I don't have yet a favorite since I only have the opportunity to play a few of TMGS3 (because of the difficult walkthroughs haha), so… ? but who is your ?!

  16. Kate

    oh I see thank you then ?

  17. welcometowonderland

    Yes! I’m working on them. I had to put them on pause since I was making the walkthroughs for amnesia

  18. Kate

    Hi ! Can you please make more walkthrough for Storm Lover Kai on psp ? Especially for Rikka and Tsukaka >o<

  19. Marie Gabrielle

    Hi. I’ve been playing Amnesia Memories on the Vita and I’ve successfully obtained the Good Ending for both the Shin and Touma route; however, the trophies for the Memories of Shin/Memories of Touma do not appear on my trophy list and didn’t pop up either when I unlocked their respective Good Ending trophies. Do I need to unlock all possible endings before obtaining the Memories trophy?

  20. welcometowonderland

    The Memories trophies are CG-related and will unlock when you’ve unlock all of the respective character’s CGs. For Shin and Toma, everyone seems to be missing #17 for both, which is the air hockey intermission CGs. I unlocked them when I was going through Ukyo’s bad end. The answers I listed on Ukyo’s post will lead you to those CGs. Hope that helps!

  21. Marie Gabrielle

    I see! Thank you very much ? I was worried my game had a glitch or something since the trophy name and the Memories section is a bit misleading.

  22. welcometowonderland

    Hi! Which game are you talking about? Also, do you have android or iOS?

  23. bees

    I have some problem with game’s updated today. when I go to the starting page it automatic out of game but I can’t erase game because i didn’t save password.

    Could you tell me other ways to solve this solution TAT

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