Mystic Messenger – Jaehee Day 7

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Answers for Bad Ending 2 are marked with **

00:45 – My heart is beating!

– Yoosung, what are you doing this late? (Yoosung+)
– Jaehee finally went to Zen’s house lolol (Jaehee+) **

– You are definitely getting ahead of yourself lololol (Yoosung+)
– The two of them? Jaehee’s mine… No (Jaehee+) **

– I don’t really feel like it (nothing)
– That’s so cute lolol Let’s invite them (email from @monogomy)

– I don’t think they’ll start dating ^^; Jaehee has to work (Jaehee+) **
– Whatever happens, I hope Jaehee’s happy (Jaehee+)

– Don’t get too obsessed over it (nothing) **
– Catch a lot of trolls and bring world peace (Yoosung+)

02:01 – Zen’s room

– Jaehee, I hope work is going well? (Jaehee+) **
– Jaehee, can’t fall asleep at Zen’s house? (Jaehee+)

(CG: Zen 5-2)

– I’m glad that at least you’re there (Jaehee+)
– What can you do… Zen’s busy. And so are you (Jaehee+) **
– That’s sad… (Zen+)

– Zen won’t think that. He’ll see that you are just being kind (Jaehee+)
– I think that’s being a bit intrusive. Besides you have so much work to do (Jaehee+) **

– I think you should be less sentimental and focus on your work (Jaehee+) **
– Did you grow up with nice parents? (Jaehee+)
– I feel sorry for Zen… (Zen+)

– Yes, good luck (nothing) **
– Don’t work yourself too hard and take care of yourself~ (nothing)

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Jaehee

08:15 – Jaehee and the vacation?

– Jumin, good morning (Jumin+) **
– Hello. Zen, did Jaehee get some sleep last night? (Zen+, Jaehee+)

– I think Jaehee needs a holiday (Jaehee+)
– I think going to see Zen is disrupting Jaehee’s work (Jaehee+) **
– Zen, how are you feeling? (Zen+)

– Should I go this time? (Zeb+, Jaehee+) **
– Must be nice to be with Jaehee~ I want to go there, too~ (Jaehee+)

– Never, probably. I just feel bad that Jaehee never gets a day off because of the company’s ridiculous schedule (Jaehee+)
– Jaehee must be happy to earn so much money (Jumin+) **

– When you’re young, it’s better to work and save money than to rest (Jaehee+, Jumin+) **
– I think she’ll really cheer up if you encourage her a bit, Jumin… (Jaehee+)

– The world already revolves around capitalism. You have to accept the rules (Jaehee+, Jumin+) **
– Jumin, I think that’s too black and white (Zen+)

– Jaehee worked as an assistant for a long time. I think she treated you just as she treats Jumin (Jaehee+) **
– Jaehee might be… really feminine on the inside (Jaehee+)

– Zen~ Are you going to reject me, too~? (Zen+) **
– Zen, you didn’t let Jumin help you? (Jumin+)

– I knew Zen’s a sexist (Jaehee+) **
– It is a man’s instinct to be weak to women (Zen+)

– Jaehee and Zen aren’t like that (Jaehee+)
– They don’t really suit each other (Jaehee+) **

– I did guess that she grew up in a difficult environment since she’s so strong (Jaehee+)
– She seems to have been raised by a good family… She got elite education (Jaehee+) **

– Jaehee will feel sad if you say that… (Jaehee+)
– It’s not good to be too dependent, though (Jaehee+) **

– Don’t give Jaehee too much work, Jumin. Good bye (Jumin+)
– Zen, don’t work too hard (Jaehee+) **

(Visual Novel Mode)

(CG: Jaehee 4-3)

10:48 – I need to rest!

– Jaehee must be really busy, right? (Jaehee+) **
– Seven, did you find something? (Seven+)

(CG: Yoosung 6-2)

– Seven, no way you didn’t find anything yet, right? (Seven+) **
– ;;;; (Yoosung+)

– Are they that strong? (Seven+)
– You have a thick skin to come here without finding anything (nothing) **

– Who’s that? (nothing)
– You’re not trying to invite him to the party, are you? (nothing) **

– We can’t invite someone we’ve never even heard of (nothing)
– I’ll think about inviting him ;; (email from @tom)

– I hope Jaehee and Zen become good friends (Jaehee+)
– I think Seven’s out of his mind (nothing) **

– I don’t care as long as Jaehee’s happy… (Jaehee+)
– I think it’ll be boring if they date each other… They’ll probably just work (Jaehee+) **

– I’m getting more worried if it’s taking Seven that long (nothing) **
– Seven, go and rest first… (nothing)

– Sleep tight, Seven (Seven+)
– lolol Be careful, Yoosung (Yoosung+) **

12:30 – Cat hotel
Phone call after chat: Jaehee

– You’re very busy, I assume? (Jumin+)
– Hello, Jumin (nothing) **

– You must be really stressed… (Jumin+) **
– I guess our Jaehee’s very busy, too, then (Jaehee+)

– Your father must still be… very robust (Jumin+)
– So you’ve fallen for your father’s scheme? (nothing) **

– You want to start more projects!? (Jaehee+)
– It’s important to deal with the stress ((Jaehee+, Jumin+) **

– Fi, first… Invite him (email from @cathotel)
– I don’t know about that… So you mean you’re making more work? (nothing)

– That’s so cool! (Jaehee+, Jumin+) **
– I’m worried Jaehee will have more work… (Jaehee+)

– Don’t think there will be a problem if you pay her extra for the work (Jaehee+) **
– Don’t be like that and give some of the work to others. I think Jaehee will be too stressed out (Jaehee+)

– Hooray for cats!! (Jumin+)
– Don’t think that will happen… Why can’t you try stepping in her shoes? (Jaehee+)

– I think you are being too harsh on Jaehee… (nothing)
– Good luck! (nothing) **

13:46 – NO WAY!

– Jaehee’s going to have so much work. What do we do T_T (Jaehee+)
– Zen, what do you think about the cat hotel? (Zen+) **

– I want to see you in pain (nothing) **
– I feel so bad for Jaehee… I’m worried (Jaehee+)
– I think so, too… lololol (Zen+)

– I think work takes up too much in Jaehee’s life. I’m worried (Jaehee+)
– I think Jumin’s too obsessed with cats (Zen+)
– How much money do you think she makes? She must make a lot… So jealous (Jaehee+) **

– You’ll probably have to take a security guard everywhere once you get more popular (nothing) **
– The security’s really strict~ You totally deserve it (Zen+)

– Yes. He sounds like a nice person (email from @kim)
– That’s a bit too private ^^; (nothing)

– I’m always cheering for Jaehee (go to 6-2)
– Well, she’s just an employee. What choice does she have? (Jaehee+) **

– I really respect Jaehee. I like her so much (Jaehee+)
– I’m sure she’ll really be encouraged if you cheer for her ^^ (Zen+, Jaehee+)

– I was in the middle of something (nothing) **
– I’m gonna grab a snack~ (nothing)
– I should get some rest, too (nothing)

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Seven

15:55 – What’s so great about coffee

– Jaehee, you must be very busy (Jaehee+)
– Yoosung, meow~ (Yoosung+, Jaehee x) **

– Take care of yourself first… I’m worried (Jaehee+)
– You’re going to Zen’s again? You’re not going to work? (Jaehee+) **

– Jaehee… Cheer up! I’m cheering for you (Jaehee+)
– Having a lot of work is good! (Jaehee+) **

– That’s good! Aren’t you inseparable with coffee? I feel like you’d drink a lot while working… (Jaehee+)
– I guess having a lot of work suits you. It’ll be nice to just work (Jaehee+) **

– Jaehee, you’re so smart~! (Jaehee+, go to 5-2)
– Yoosung, didn’t you join a coffee club? (nothing) **

– If you are interested in coffee, why don’t you try studying it more? (nothing)
– To be honest, I don’t know if you’re happy with your job

– I’m almost jealous of Jumin to have such a hard-working employee under him (Jaehee+)
– I’d feel happy just to serve Jumin everyday in your position… (Jumin+) **

– Have hope…! It might be a good start to work at Jumin’s company (Jaehee+)
– Well, that’s how everyone lives… You should be thankful just to have a job (nothing) **

– Hope you work hard… (Jaehee+) **
– Jaehee, be careful. And cheer up ^^ (Jaehee+)

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Jumin

(CG: Jaehee 4-2)

17:22 – Hacker
Phone call after chat: Jaehee

– Seven, did you find anything? (nothing) **
– Seven, you are taking care of yourself, right? (Seven+)

– Who is it? (nothing)
– It didn’t turn out to be your friend, right? (nothing) **

– Why did they attack us? (nothing)
– Now what are you going to do? (nothing) **

– Then I’m getting a bit suspicious of V (nothing) **
– You mean… they know each other? (nothing)

– I wonder if everything will work out… (nothing) **
– You did so well, Seven (Seven+)

– Anyway, I’m glad we finally have a better grasp on what’s going on (nothing)
– lolololol No way -_- (nothing) **

– So Jaehee should continue being with Zen? (Jaehee+)
– I think Jaehee can stop going to Zen’s house now (Jaehee+) **

– I think Jumin is going overboard… It’s so harsh on Jaehee (Jaehee+)
– I think Jaehee should be focusing more on work than on Zen (Jaehee+) **

– I know you’ll be a great dad of cats, Seven! (Seven+)
– You cat-sitting is a bit… -_-;; (go to 9-2) **

– Don’t say that when she’s already busy enough
– I’m jealous to see Jaehee get so much work, haha (Jaehee+) **

– Talk to you next time (nothing) **
– You did so well, Seven~! Get some rest (Seven+)

19:30 – New side of Jaehee
(?) Phone call after chat: Jaehee

– Zen, how is Jaehee? (Jaehee+)
– Seven finally traced the hacker (Yoosung+) **

– I think he’ll take care of it (Zen+)
– I don’t know V very well, so I’m nervous (Yoosung+) **

– Can’t we just report them to the police? (nothing) **
– I hope we’re all safe very soon (nothing)

– Let’s just wait until we get more news (nothing)
– I hope he’s not trying to hide something from us (nothing) **

– Jaehee hasn’t been showing up here much today. Is she really busy? (nothing) **
– Why don’t you try quitting lolol (Yoosung+)

– I’m jealous that you get to eat something that she cooked… (Jaehee+) (CG: Jaehee 3-4)
– You just have to get better soon ^^ (Zen+) **

– If someone wants to kidnap you… would it be as if they want to steal God’s treasure? (Zen+)
– Jaehee’s so cute to think that lololol (Jaehee+) **

– She seemed to really like how passionate you are (Zen+, Jaehee+)
– You’re pretty dull to just realize that (nothing) **

– Since you tried so hard (Zen+) **
– I think you must be something to have Jaehee as your fan (Jaehee+)

– I’m glad to be a positive influence on her ^^ (Jaehee+)
– But actually… I feel like she’s going there despite being so busy… because she has different intentions towards (Jaehee+) **

– I feel like she’s so busy, she doesn’t spend time appreciating herself (Jaehee+)
– An office worker shouldn’t be a leader and just obey the system… (Jaehee+) **

– If people around her support her… won’t she find a path that makes her happy? (Yoosung+, Jaehee+)
– She should be thankful to just have a job… She’s blessed enough (Jaehee+) **

– You should give her something in return when you’re better, haha (Jaehee+)
– Monster recovery rate… So cool. Probably a gazillion dollars (Zen+) **

– Take care of Jaehee for me ^^ (Jaehee+) **
– Get better soon~! (Zen+)

21:26 – Adding more work

– Jumin, you’re going to give Jaehee more work, right? (go to 1-2)
– Jaehee, how is Zen? (Zen+)

– Stop giving Jaehee work… She has enough already~! (Jaehee+)
– I know everything~ about your pattern, Jumin (Jumin+) **

– You must be glad to know he trusts you, haha (Jaehee+) **
– I think this is too much for Jaehee… She’s really busy… (Jaehee+, go to 2-2)

– Wasn’t Jaehee really interested in that project? She worked so hard on it. Just transferring it doesn’t seem nice… (Jaehee+)
– Jaehee~ Just let it go. You don’t need more work

– What’s the problem? Aren’t you just supposed to do what Jumin tell you to do? (Jaehee+, Jumin+) **
– Jaehee can’t work like a robot, Jumin… It’s emotionally draining, too (Jaehee+)

– Jaehee, aren’t you working too much? Please… take care of yourself (Jaehee+)
– You must be excited to get more work~! (Jaehee+) **

– I’ll think about it (nothing)
– It’s a good group. I’d like to invite them (email from @musical)

– Okay, I won’t bother you~ Hope you get a lot done~ (Jaehee+) **
– Jaehee… if it’s too hard, just let it go. There might be something else that can make you happy (Jaehee+)

(Visual Novel Mode)
(?) Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Jaehee

23:00 – Deal

– I feel so bad for her… What if she gets sick or something? (Jaehee+)
– It’s be nice if she could work faster (Jaehee+, Seven+) **

(CG: Jaehee 2-4)

– The answer is for Jaehee to finish her work quickly (Jaehee+) **
– It’s not because of you. I think it’s because Jumin can’t understand what she is going through (Jaehee+)

– Yeah, Seven, why don’t you just do it? lolol (Jaehee+)
– It’s Jaehee’s job. She has to do it (Jaehee+) **

– I’m against it. I think Jaehee should do her own work (Jaehee+) **
– Oh~ For Jaehee? That’s nice of you (nothing)

– Get some rest, you two (Zen+, Seven+)
– Zen, tell Jaehee I said hello~ (nothing) **

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