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The following emails are from Zen’s route. I probably don’t have all possible emails, so please let me know if there are any that I’m missing that you’d like to add!

Thank you for your help! charles

Day 5

08:49 – Value of beauty

From: Jumin
– Of course they do! (Zen+)
– I’d rather take a photo of you (Jumin+)

14:42 – Echo girl? OMG

From: Zen (got this email when I opened another save file, so I’m not sure which chat it belongs to)
– Echo Girl will fill up the seats!
– I hope you aren’t too concerned about popularity (Zen+)

From: Yoosung
– How could you not have seen him perform? (nothing)
– You don’t think they’ll have a kiss scene, do you? (Zen+)

16:56 – Jumin’s offer

From: Seven
– I’m happy with just Zen’s autograph! (Zen+)
– I’ll take that offer! (nothing)

21:12 – Zen vs Jumin

From: Zen
– Still, shouldn’t you do it? (Zen+)
– I want you to pursue what you want rather than money (Zen+)

Day 6

10:13 – Released Zen

From: Zen
– I just want to put things off and run to you (Zen+)
– Yup (Zen+)

14:58 – About visiting Zen

From: Jumin
– But Jaehee…
– Yes, of course. I’d like to stay beside him (Zen+)

19:07 – Defensive Jaehee

From: Jaehee
– Zen wants to see me… so I want to go if I can (Zen+)
– Do you think it’ll be scandalous for you to go, too, Jaehee? (Zen+)

Day 7

16:16 – About Echo Girl

From: Jumin
– I don’t want to force him to do something he doesn’t want to do (Zen+)
– I’ll persuade him (Zen+)

Visual Novel Mode after About Echo Girl
(I don’t remember receiving these emails after viewing the Visual Novel Mode, but I had closed the app, and when I opened it again, these emails were here…)

From: Zen
– A cat being all cute to you
– Meeting me (Zen+)

From: Jaehee
– Of couse, we’ll hide it (Zen+)
– You know Zen doesn’t care about that…

From: Seven
– He honestly looks really ugly lololol
– Zen looks great whatever he does! (Zen+)

18:00 – Zen’s discrimination

From: Yoosung
– Maybe it’s just because of the allergy (Zen+)
– I think Jumin is overly sensitive (Jumin+)

Visual Novel Mode after Let’s invite Mummy

From: Zen
– I like you more after seeing you (Zen+)- Next time, don’t send me back (Zen+)

23:40 – Unstoppable feelings

From: Zen
– Dream about me, Zenny! (Zen+)
– Wash your feet and go to bed (Zen x)

Day 8

03:15 – Zen’s new work

From: Yoosung
– But it’s true that he’s handsome! He looks like a statue! (Zen+)
– I think Zen was actually saying no (nothing)

12:51 – Old party

From: Seven
– Ohhh lolololololol I should tell Zen lol (nothing)
– God, I wish I could wipe that snot for him… (Zen+)

18:53 – The meaning of families

From: Zen
– Don’t hurry and take your time to get ready. I’ll help you (Zen+)
– Don’t you like me better than your family who can’t understand you? (Zen+)

20:18 – It’s over

From: Zen
– Do you want to come over here and hide for a while? (Zen+)
– Echo Girl… she’s so conniving (Zen+)

22:00 – People talk, but…

From: Jaehee
– How could you say that when you’ve been so supportive…? (Zen+)
– You’re more upset, aren’t you? (Jaehee+)

Day 9

01:46 – It is unfair

From: Yoosung
– Don’t worry. I’ll protect Zen (Zen+)
– I’m sure the storm will disappear if we stay quiet (nothing)

From: Yoosung (Got this text after missing a few chats, so I think it corresponds with this chat…)
– Zen will like that
– I’ll sing him the lullaby! (Zen+)

09:37 – When Zen and Jumin first met

From: Zen
– Do you want to go for another ride? (nothing)
– I actually think this gave us a good chance to get to know each other! (Zen+)

From: Zen (got this text in another save file)
– It’s because you were strong (Zen+)
– Of course. We’re in the RFA together

From: Jaehee (got this text in another save file)
– Then you’re finally acknowledging our relationship?
– He can come back because there are people like you, Jaehee (Jaehee+)

From: Jumin
– I think it’ll be nice to live in a quite place like that (Zen+)
– You have to tell me later, too, okay? (Zen+)

From: Jumin (got this text in another save file)
– It’s so nice to see you two get along! (Zen+)
– You didn’t force him, right?

16:11 – I will be okay again

From: Zen
– We should be able to talk about things, you know… (Zen+)
– I’m not really mad, haha (Zen+)

From: Zen (got this text in another save file)
– It’s fine. I texted someone else, too (Zen+)
– I knew you’d come back if I just wait (Zen+)

18:03 – You are still trusted

From: Jaehee
– And then you’re going to change your mind again, right? (Jaehee x)
– You know much more about his fans,, so please spread the word (Jaehee+)

From: Jumin
– I’m not sure… (nothing)
– It’s because you were kind to him (Jumin+)

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  2. Charles

    On day 6 (forgot the exact time, it’s around 3pm-4pm), Jumin will text you, “How about it? Do you want to see Zen?”. The possible answers were, “But Jaehee…” and “Yes, of course. I’d like to stay beside him.”. In which the latter will give you Zen points.

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