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Answers for Bad Ending 2 are marked with **

01:46 – It is unfair

– Yoosung, you’re not even gaming? (Yoosung+) **
– Yes… I’m worried about Zen. I hope he cheers up soon (Zen+)

– What did they say? (nothing)
– Guess everyone likes gossip~ (nothing) **

– I’m angry, too… but it must be hardest for Zen (Zen+)
– This is all because of that Echo Girl (Zen+) **

– I hope people realize the truth as time passes… (Zen+)
– The game world is so much more fair (Yoosung+)
– Oh well, nothing you can do. The weaker ones just have to give up (Zen+) **

– I hope I can help Zen get over this (Zen+)
– Stop talking about Rika. I’ll take care of Zen myself (Zen+) **

– Bye (nothing) **
– I will. Thanks (Yoosung+)
– Tell me if you see anything weird (Zen+)

03:56 –  When I first started acting

– It’d be nice if we could be together this late~… (Zen+) **
– Zen… how are you feeling? (Zen+)

– Oh my god…! Should we call the police? (Zen+)
– You don’t think it’s Echo Girl again, do you!? (Zen x) **

– There won’t be any of that in a happy world with just the two of us… (Zen+) **
– Don’t think that…! Be confident (Zen+)

– Don’t think about and just think about living a happy life with me, okay? (Zen+) **
– Don’t let those opinions get to you. If you didn’t do anything wrong, then just act so (Zen+)

– If you don’t think you deserve me, then just be that much nicer to me (Zen+) **
– Don’t say that. I’d go to you right now and comfort you if I could… (Zen+)

– Why are you talking about some other woman? (Zen+) **
– Was Rika your fan? (Zen+)

– You didn’t like the financial support? (nothing)
– I would have said yes if I were you (nothing) **

– How did you overcome it? (nothing)
– I can’t really understand that (nothing) **

– omg~ I want to go on one (nothing) **
– Motorcycle… it must have been dangerous (nothing)

– I’m so glad you’re alive! (nothing) **
– Did someone save you? (nothing)

– Maybe he was in a helicopter? (nothing)
– Maybe V’s a rider, too!? (nothing) **

– I understand… but can’t you find a safer way? (Zen+)
– Come and see me! We can run away together! (Zen+) **

– Make sure to be safe!! (Zen+)
– Good bye (nothing) **

Visual Novel Mode

(CG: Zen 8-4, 9-1)

08:08 – Jaehee’s Opinion

– Why? You’re going to lecture my Zenny again? (Zen+) **
– Yes… I think he’s going through a rough time (Zen+)
– It’s dangerous… I’m worried he’ll get hurt! (Jaehee+)

– It’s okay. Zen can just quit work and be happy with me (Zen+) **
– Everything is against him… but I’m sure everything will be fine once he gets his energy back (Zen+)

– It’s a bit sad… to hear you say that (Zen+)
– That’s all useless now. He can’t get his reputation back~ (Zen+) **

– How can we get through this situation? (Zen+)
– Won’t it all be solved if Zen just quits? (Zen+) **

– If he can be happy doing something else and being with me, that’s enough! I didn’t like that musicals took so much (Zen+, Jaehee x) **
– Why doesn’t he just explain the truth to the public? (Zen+)

– Bye (nothing) **
– I understand that you just want what’s best for Zen. Good luck with work today… (Jaehee+)

Visual Novel Mode
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Zen

09:37 – When Zen and Jumin first met
Phone call after chat: Jumin

– Hey Yoosung! (Yoosung+)
– I’m worried, too… (Zen+)
– Hello, Jumin (Jumin+) **

– He should have taken me with him… (Zen+) **
– Where do you think he went? (Zen+)

– How do you know that Jumin? (Jumin+) **
– I guess you two are pretty close (Yoosung+)

– wow… How was it meeting him for the first time? (Zen+)
– I can’t believe you went there before me…! I don’t like that Jumin (Zen+) **

– Zen would have refused all of that ^^; (Zen+)
– Just do it secretly from now on lol. Zen and I will make sure to make the best of it (Zen+) **
– He basically kicked away his chances of becoming Cinderella (Yoosung+)

– Gosh Zen;; (Zen+) **
– I guess he said that because his parents never approved of his dreams… (Zen+)

– Don’t make any offers. All Zen needs is to be happy with me! (Zen+) **
– Zen would have refused ^^; Although offers purely based on his talents won’t be so bad (Zen+)

– Did Zen join the RFA because Rika persuaded him? (nothing)
– Were Rika and Zen close in their personal lives…? (nothing) **

– I guess you didn’t really like Zen’s shows, Jumin, haha (Jumin+) **
– Rika must have been a huge fan! (Yoosung+)

– He called because he got worried over Zen? (Zen+)
– What’s up with him all of a sudden?; (Yoosung+) **

– If you are going to do it, let’s just declare war!!! (Yoosung+)
– Do you think that will help Zen? (Zen+)
– I don’t like Echo Girl… but if we just stay still, Zen will quit his job… Can’t we just let it be? (Zen+) **

– How exactly do you plan to dispute then? (Jumin+) **
– Seven… aren’t you favoring him then? (Yoosung+)

– Jumin… that’s awesome. Please take care of Zen! (Zen+, Jumin+)
– Hmm… I feel like this is likely to fail (Zen+, Jumin x) **

– Hmm… Sounds a bit suspicious. I’ll pass (nothing)
– Sounds good! Let’s invite him (email from @netizen)

– Are you guilty of something? (nothing) **
– Good bye (nothing)

– Yes… but now that everyone is helping, I’ll have to look at the bright side and think everything will be okay! (Zen+)
– Yeah… I just wish that they would leave Zen alone;; What’s up with everyone? (Zen+) **

– The world isn’t that easy (nothing) **
– That’s so nice… Let’s a think that everything will be fine ^^ (nothing)

11:24 – Seven’s move

– That’s… trouble (Jaehee+)
– … And it was not Jumin who returned after that call, but only an echo (Seven+) **

– If it turned out that Echo Girl’s not as good as she seems, then the value of her autographs will fall though T_T (Seven+)
– Didn’t Jumin say he’d help with that? (Jumin+) **

– Shouldn’t we at least say the truth rather than staying still? (Seven)+
– Yeah. The risk is too high, so just leave Zen alone (Zen+, Jaehee+) **

– Jumin is helping Zen with his own money…? How kind! (Jumin+)
– I can’t understand why Jumin would do this. I don’t think he understands the entertainment industry very well (Zen+) **
– I’m so impressed by how everyone is trying to help Zen…! I hope he sees this and cheers up (Zen+)

– Maybe… he went to go see Zen who disappeared with his motorcycle? (Zen+)
– yaasssss sue that biatchhhh This is all because of Echo Girl! (Seven+)
– I’m sure he just went to see Elizabeth (nothing) **

– I hate to say this… but I don’t think Zen has much hope; (Zen+) **
– That will happen!! I have faith (Zen+)

– Please ignore him and go do what you hae to do Jaehee ? (Jaehee+) **
– lololololololol Niiiice (Seven+)

– Since Jumin is missing haha;; (Jaehee+) **
– Seven, don’t skip your lunch (Seven+)

– Oh! I want to see you without your glasses (Seven+) **
– You still can’t look as good as Zen, though (Zen+)

– Go back to my daily life… (nothing) **
– I have to go eat… (nothing)
– I’m going to keep thinking about Zen (Zen+)

GAME BRANCH: The following chats will lead to the Good Ending. If you do not see these chats, you’re heading toward Bad Ending 2.

Bad Ending 2 doesn’t have any CGs if you want to skip it, but everything will still be saved in your chat history. Bad Ending 3 DOES have a CG, though!

** Create a save file here to go back later and obtain the bad ending for Day 10**

Answers for Bad Ending 3 are marked with **

Visual Novel Mode

(CG: Zen 9-2, 9-3)

13:41 – Don’t give up!

– I am… You don’t think he got hurt on his motorcycle do you? (Zen+)
– I’m more worried about Jumin (Zen+) **

– Maybe the two of them are together? (nothing) **
– I feel so bad to see everyone worry… (Yoosung+)

– You don’t think it’s people who were hired by Jumin, do you? (Zen+) **
– Anyone who’s seen Zen in person would know that he’d never do something like that (Zen+)

(CG: Zen Fan Cafe
I didn’t see this CG in the gallery, unless I’m blind…)

– I thought you were a fan of Echo Girl (Yoosung+)
– Things happen. I feel like Zen is just discomforting a lot of people (Zen+) **
– I hope Zen doesn’t give up either (Zen+)

– Still, there’s a lot of damage already. It’d be better for him to just give up…. Jumin’s money is going to waste (Zen+) **
– Everything Zen worked so hard to build up won’t just crumble down so easily! (Zen+)

– Don’t bother to do anything… Jumin and Seven will take care of it (Zen+) **
– I’m sure you’re helping just by thinking that way ? (Zen+, Yoosung+)

– Good bye (nothing) **
– Talk to you later~ (Yoosung+)

16:11 – I will be okay again

– You’re safe, right? I’m so glad! (Zen+)
– I wasn’t worried… I was worried about Jumin (Zen+) **

– You didn’t even say anything to me… So careless (Zen+) **
– Do you feel better? (Zen+)

(CG: Common 8-4)

– That’s so touching… (Zen+)
– Weren’t they people Jumin hired? (Zen+) **

– What’s up with you now? You’re only bothering Jumin (Zen+) **
– You met with Jumin? Model… Are you sure? (Zen+)

– That’s a nice attitude, but just don’t bother anyone (Zen+) **
– Okay… As always, I’ll watch you and support you (Zen+)

– You shouldn’t say things like that so easily (Zen+) **
– I’m so glad you got over the hurt from your past (Zen+)

– Well… I don’t really want to (nothing) **
– Sounds good! Let’s invite him (Unknown+)

– Okay. Bye (nothing) **
– Go ahead, get some rest (Zen+)

18:03 – You are still trusted
Phone call after chat: Zen

– Jumin, was it fun to ditch work? haha (Jumin+)
– Oh Mr. Han~~~ (nothing) **
– Hey, Jaehee (Jaehee+)

– I don’t think that’s okay;;; (Zen+, Jaehee+) **
– Don’t be so harsh~ They seem to be better friends now because of that, haha (Zen+, Jumin+)

– I feel like plans are changing a bit suddenly (Jaehee+)
– You can use Zen for that (Zen+)
– That’s a good idea (Jumin+) **

– Haha… I can’t beleive it (Zen+) **
– I’m so glad that you two are getting along now (Zen+)

– Maybe she changed her mind after seeing Zen’s attitude (nothing) **
– She’s just doing what her boss wants to do (nothing)

– I know that Zen will get back up there…! And he will be more honest this time! (Zen+)
– Maybe those fans who still support him are just temporary (Zen+) **

– So you’re on Zen’s side, too, Jumin ? (Jumin+)
– Now I think we can finally be optimistic about what’s to come! (Zen+, Jaehee+)
– We’ll have to see what happens. You never know how public opinion might change (Zen+) **

– I don’t really know (Zen+, Jumin+) **
– No doubt about it~ (Zen+, Jaehee+)

– The party’s the day after tomorrow! (nothing) **
– Is there anything I can do to help? (Jaehee+)

– Good bye, Jumin (nothing) **
– Rest up… Thank you for thinking of Zen (Zen+)

– You were only worried. I understand (Zen+)
– Well, you never know what happens (nothing) **

– Okay. Good bye (nothing) **
– Yes, we’ll so it together.. Hope we can talk again soon ? (Jaehee+)

19:52 – Suspicious Echo Girl
Phone call after chat: Jaehee

– I miss Zen (Zen+)
– Hey Yoosung (Yoosung+)
– Seven ur so lovely lolol (Seven+) **

– I don’t think Zen can go back on stage again… (Zen+) **
– Seven, what are you talking about? (Seven+)
– I wish she’d just stop now… T_T (Zen+)

(CG: Echo Girl Twitter
Unsure if I’m blind or what, but I didn’t see this CG in the gallery… If you really want it, just screencap it from the chat!)

– What things? (Zen+)
– I doubt anything can prove him innocent at this point (Zen+) **
– You’re pretty smart lol (Seven+)

– Goldfish-shaped bread… I want some (Yoosung+)
– Seven, why do you only eat the stomach part of the goldfish-shaped bread? (Seven+) **

– I want to meet Zen at the party~ (Zen+)
– Know anyone to invite? (Seven+) **

– It’s a bit strange… but why don’t we? (email from @god)
– Hmm… Let’s invite him next time (nothing)

– Good bye, Yoosung (nothing) **
– Go take a shower >.< (Yoosung+)

– Tell him to sell it in the speed of light (Seven+)
– I’m a bit nervous about releasing the information… (Zen+)
– Is that the issue right now? (Zen+) **

– Okay. Go call Tom (nothing) **
– Thanks, Seven. Good luck! (nothing)

21:25 – Thank you for being here with me

– Why are you so late? What were you doing? (Zen+) **
– Zen! I missed you (Zen+)

(CG: Zen 6-3)

– Your skin looks worse (Zen+) **
– That’s very cute (Zen+)
– Zenny… I’m getting dizzy… Are you going to take care of me (Zen+)

– I’m glad to hear that (Zen+)
– Jumin? (Jumin+) **

– That’s a great idea! I’m sure it’s better (Zen+)
– Do you think anything will change just by talking to them now? (Zen+) **

– Thank you… We’ll get to see each other more often (Zen+)
– Once we actually meet… I probably won’t be as good as you think (Zen+) **

– I know you can (Zen+)
– I think you’re hoping for too much, considering you’re an actor… (Zen+) **

– Just ignore him (nothing) **
– Hurry and take it! (nothing)

23:10 – Zen’s press conference

– I didn’t really hear anything…? (nothing)
– Why? (nothing) **

– We’re busy enough with the party, and a press conference…? Things will be so hectic (Zen+) **
– They’re going to fight against Echo Girl (Zen+)

– If we’re going to do it, let’s do it properly, Jaehee! (Zen+, go to 3-2)
– Hmm… Why do I feel anxious? (Zen+) **

– Jaehee… you weren’t like this before (nothing)
– Hahahah, exactly! (Jaehee+)

– I don’t know if she’ll be helpful to our party (nothing)
– Good! Let’s invite her! (email from @press)

– I’m sure Zen will prepare for it with everything he has ? (Zen+)
– I am nervous… but oh well, I guess it can fail (Zen+) **

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Zen

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