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Answers for Bad Ending 2 are marked with **

01:48 – The power of RFA apps!

– Heya Seven (Seven+)
– I just saw something strange…? (go to 1-2) **

– I saw some weird text – I’m telling the truth (nothing) **
– I wanna dream about Zen~ (nothing)

– My babe’s love is so ginormous it just oozes out of the messenger… (Zen+)
– Yup, you’re such a genius. lol (Seven+) **
– I am so grateful that you created this app so that I can be with Zen (Zen+)

– What about what you do? (nothing) **
– Mmm, invent a similar one! And publish it! (Seven+)

– I think it’s a good idea. lol (Seven+)
– Do you even have time to make one? (nothing) **

– I’m impressed by how much you care about the environment (Seven+)
– I’m Zen’s lovable baby (Zen+)
– Do you think Jumin will buy a car, too? (Jumin+) **

– The I guess you can’t create one… I think Zen will be able to since he knows love ^^ (Zen+)
– I guess no one in the RFA can create it then (Zen x) **
– Create it with your love of cars (Seven+)

– I’m ready to religiously devote my body and soul to Zen (Zen+)
– Religious… haha (nothing) **
– Do you go to church often? (Seven+)

– God bless you (Seven+)
– Bye (nothing) **
– I’ll make sure to protect it with all I have. Good bye ^^ (Zen+)

03:15 – Zen’s new work

– I’m sleepy… (nothing) **
– I’m hungry for Zen… (Zen+)
– I’m hungry… (Yoosung+)

– What are you going to have? (nothing) **
– Give some to me lolol (Yoosung+)

– I’m not really interested (nothing)
– Why don’t we invite them to the party? (email from @oneroomer)

– Zen you’re making me all hot and bothered (Zen+)  **
– Zen~ Hello (Zen+, go to 4-2)

– I can’t sleep thinking of you (nothing)
– I don’t really sleep at night (nothing)

– What?? Why? (nothing) **
– You want to focus more on your relationship with me? (Zen+)

– Did something happen with Echo Girl? (Zen+)
– That’s good. I didn’t like her anyways~ I guess you can focus just on me now (Zen+) **

– How dare Echo Girl hit on my man~! (Zen+) **
– I see… It must have been tough, Zen… (Zen+)

– Is that what’s important right now? This won’t do, I’ll have to protect you from now on (Zen+) **
– I hope Echo Girl doesn’t do anything to hurt you… I’m worried this might somehow effect you (Zen+)

– I never liked you working with Echo Girl! This is good! Zen is mine! (Zen+) **
– It wasn’t an opportunity that came because of your talent… I think it’s best to just forget about it (Zen+)

– You only need to act for me~ (Zen+) **
– Don’t say that. You made it because you’re talented, not just because you’re handsome (Zen+)

– Don’t know if you’re that good looking (Zen x) **
– Here is one of those fangirls hooked onto that magic (Zen+)

– Who dares to put a filter over your face~! Nope. You look best in your natural state (Zen+)
– Haha… (nothing) **

(CG: Zen 6-4)

– Think he went to game (Yoosung+) **
– Think his app is just acting weird (Zen+)

– You really are okay, right? (Zen+)
– Take me with you  Zenny~ (Zen+) **

08:24 – Words for you two

(CG: Common 9-2)

– Everything of Zen you see in that beautiful photo is mine (Zen+) **
– Nice comparison, bravo (Zen+, Jaehee+)

– … You’re not being jealous of me and Zen, are you? (Zen+) **
– I’m sure Zen will do well (Zen+)

– You’re not trying to interfere our relationship again, are you? (Zen+, Jaehee x) **
– No need to be careful (Zen+, Jaehee+)

– You’re trying to interfere again (Zen+, Jaehee x) **
– I understand your worry… but please don’t say that as if it’s so easy to withhold emotions (Zen+)

– I have no intentions to hide our relationship (Zen+) **
– Do you want Zen to be an actor who’s not honest with his fans? (Zen+)

– I honestly wish you’d stop bothering us about it (Jaehee x) **
– Thank you for your concern, Jaehee (Jaehee+)

– Bye (nothing) **
– Jaehee, thank you for what you said… I won’t change my feelings… but have a nice day~! (Jaehee+)

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Zen

10:36 – Misplaced Pen

– Zenny Zen! I’m here >_< (Zen+)
– What pen, Jumin? (Jumin+) **
– Zen, I’m here~ (Zen+)

(CG: Jumin 3-4)

– It looks very luxurious (Jumin+) **
– Zenny, I want that (Zen+)
– Yup, he’s in the rich class (Zen+)

– (name) wants that pen~~ Get that pen for (name), Zenny~~ (Zen+) **
– Be understanding, Zen ^^ Just as you were handsome from birth, Jumin doesn’t have any choice in that matter (Zen+)

– Why are you apologizing T_T You did nothing wrong (Zen+) **
– Jumin, Zen is officially giving you an apology. Why don’t you accept it? ? (Zen+, Jumin+)

– I don’t like that you’re losing… (Zen+) **
– Jumin, okay? ^^ (Zen+)

– Okay, I will ^^ (nothing) **
– Be careful, darling~ (Zen+)

– Did she have something against Zen? That’s not good… (Zen+)
– Don’t worry about that strange woman, Zenny (Zen+) **

– What do you think she means by revenge? I’m getting nervous… (Zen+)
– I’m sure she was just bluffing. I hope she doesn’t bother my Zenny. Hmph! (Zen+) **

– So you really can’t do that new role… (Zen+)
– You only need me, though, right? If so, then I’m okay with anything~ (Zen+) **

– Yes, I hope so. Have a safe trip to the hospital (Zen+)
– I don’t care if you don’t do anything… I only need you (Zen+) **

– Muah (Zen+)
– Okay~ (nothing) **

– Do you feel better about Zen now? (Jumin+)
– Are you going to keep looking for your pen? (nothing) **

– Why don’t you have someone else help you? (nothing)
– Should I help you look for it? (Zen x) **

12:51 – Old party
Phone call after chat: Zen

– Seven, meow~ (Unknown+)
– Hey Yoosung~ (Yoosung+) **

– I support Echo Girl!! (Zen x, Yoosung+) **
– I’m worried about Zen… (Zen+)

– What did you find? (Seven+)
– Seven… you’re not personally interested in Echo Girl are you? (nothing) **

– Re… Really?! (Yoosung+) **
– … You’re just trying to scare us, right? (Seven+)

– I know what that is (Seven+)
– That’s so random… (nothing)
– Is that a computer part? (Yoosung+) **

(CG: Seven 2-3)

– … You cleaned up? (Yoosung+) **
– Was something saved in there? (Seven+)

– I’m so curious to know what’s saved in there (Seven+) **
– That disc… did someone give it to you as a gift? (nothing)

– That’s a cool group (nothing)
– Should we invite that group to the party? (email from @floppy)

– I wonder what Seven’s past is like (Seven+)
– Everyone misses the past (Yoosung+) **

– Is it okay for you to tell us your secrets then? (nothing)
– I see… Well, RFA is a private organization anyways. Won’t it be fine amongst us? (Seven+) **

– I’m so excited… (Unknown+) **
– omg… That soon? (Seven+)

– The party… I’ll try my best to make it fantastic ^^ (Seven+) **
– Did you hear anything from V? (Yoosung+)

– Let’s not invite cats~ Zen’s allergic (Zen+)
– To be honest, the party’s great and all, but I just want to meet Zen and officially start dating him (Zen+) **

– Show us the photo lolololol (nothing)
– You guys are so mean~ (Zen+)

(CG: Zen 7-2, received in a text from Seven after the chat)

– I hope they become better friends from now on ^^ (Zen+)
– Personally, I don’t want Zen to be friends with anyone else. I just want him to take care of me (Zen+) **

– Yoosung, have a productive time at school (Yoosung+) **
– Seven, good luck with work! (Seven+)

15:02 – Jaehee’s online

– Jumin’s here, too (Jumin+) **
– Jeahee, hello~ (Jaehee+)

– I think he went for a stroll (Jumin+)
– Are you both at the office? (nothing) **

– Jumin, are you okay? (Jumin+) **
– Did something happen? (Jaehee+)

– Regardless, I think it was rude of you to do that in front of your father (Jaehee+)
– Jumin, are you okay? (Jumin+) **

– Jumin… I feel like you’re being childish to ask Jaehee that (Jaehee+)
– Does your father have a new girlfriend? That’s a bit shocking (Jumin+) **

– Jumin, you should ave apologized to my Zenny, since you made him hurt his leg (Zen+) **
– I think they’re back to being friends ? (Zen+)

– I feel like your evaluating Zen, Jumin. It seems a bit arrogant~ (Jaehee+)
– Is that… a compliment? Thank you ? (Jumin+) **

– Jumin, can I ask you what happened with Echo Girl this morning? (Zen+)
– Of course I have to be wise. I’m the love of his life~ Jaehee, take your eyes off Zen from now on (Zen+) **

– I’m sure it’s nothing. Zen will be mine no matter what happens~ (Zen+) **
– I hope nothing bad happens… I’m worried (Zen+)

– Jaehee… I’m sure it’s stressful to work on all those cat projects (Jaehee+)
– I hope you find someone nice (Jumin+) **

– Jaehee, hang in there (Jaehee+) **
– I wanna talk with my Zenny…! Right now!! (Zen+)
– I can’t stop thinking about Echo Girl. You don’t think she’ll hurt Zen, do you? (Zen+)

– Bye, Jaehee~ ? (Jaehee+)
– Good bye (nothing) **

 (Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Yoosung

(CG: Zen 8-3)

16:27 – My family said…

(CG: Zen 5-1)

– I’m so glad your leg is better. Now you can come to me, right? (Zen+) **
– Congrats, Zen (Zen+)

– Don’t work all the time and give me some love~!! (Zen+) **
– I’ll look forward to seeing you give your all ? (Zen+)

– No, they don’t. You cleanse my life (Zen+)
– Hell no to narcissism (Zen x) **
– lolol Everyone knows my man’s handsome~ But Zenny is mine! (Zen+)

– I guess they wanted you to study hard (Zen+) **
– omg… what’s wrong with your parents??? Were the jealous? (Zen+)
– Oh no… Wasn’t that hurtful? (Zen+)

– Just forget about your family… and focus on me, Zenny ? (Zen+) **
– I’m glad that you’re opening up about your family… (Zen+)

– Just forget about your past, Zenny!! (Zen+)
– That’s… so sad (Zen+)
– I guess you weren’t really good back then (Zen x) **

– It’s all too late now~ (Zen+) **
– Thank you for telling me. You worked hard to be an actor… I truly believe that (Zen+)

– Go and take it ? (Zen+)
– Don’t take that call and hang with me longer, Zenny~ (Zen+, go to 8-2) **

– No no no!! (Zen+) **
– Hmph… all right… (nothing)

18:53 – The meaning of families

– Yoosung~ Hi (Yoosung+)
– I’m worried about Zen being too handsome… People are asking for his number all the time… (Zen+) **

– Yoosung. If you’re jealous, just say so ? (Zen+)
– I think you’re handsome, too (Yoosung+) **

– Zen doesn’t need to go to a clinic for his narcissism lol Don’t think we need to invite them ? (nothing)
– I think it will be fun. Let’s invite them~ (email from @narcissist)

– I was surprised; I want him to forget about his parents now (Zen+) **
– I was happy to Zen open up (Zen+)

– Don’t think you know everything about Zen! I know Zen best (Zen+) **
– Are your parents conservative, Yoosung? (Yoosung+)

– I think we’re going off topic, haha ? (Zen+)
– Just accept that you’re a forever alone (Yoosung x) **

– I’d like to support Zen if he ever gathers the courage ? (Zen+)
– Love is stronger than blood. I don’t want to lose Zenny to family (Zen+) **

– Zen doesn’t own anything to anyone! His parents have nothing to do with it (Zen+)
– Do you think his talent… comes from his family too? (Yoosung+) **
– I’m curious of what our children would look like (Zen+)

– Go ahead. Bye (nothing) **
– It was fun talking to you. Have fun ? (Yoosung+)

20:18 – It’s over
Phone call after chat: Jumin

(CG: Common 4-4)

– Zen… Are you okay!? (Zen+)
– Echo Girl!!!!! I can’t forgive her!!!! (Zen+) **

– Zen… first try to calm down. Don’t let the media get to you! (Zen+)
– Seven! Can’t we find her address!? I have to go there (Zen+) **

– Echo Girl’s the one who did something wrong by lying… Please don’t let it get to you. (Zen+)
– Zen… Nothing really happened with Echo Girl, right!? Tell me the truth (Zen+) **

– Don’t ever be on the news with a celebrity again!! I have to protect you (Zen+) **
– I can’t believe they’re using you like this… I’m so mad, but I know this is hardest for you, Zen (Zen+)

– You did nothing wrong… No actor would have turned down and opportunity like that. You know that (Zen+, Seven+)
– I’m just worried that you’ll get hurt… I honestly just want you to quit acting (Zen+) **

– Zen… I think you’re too emotional right now. First… try to calm down, and let’s all try to come up with a solution (Zen+)
– Just retire… and live a happy life with me. I mean it (Zen+) **

– I’m always ready to run away with you, Zen ^^ (Zen+) **
– Tell me if something happens, okay? (Zen+)

– Do you think Echo Girl has the media in her hands? (Zen+)
– Just stay still. He’ll keep running away and spend more time with me now (Zen+) **

– Hmm… Is there anything we can do? (Zen+, Seven+)
– Don’t waste the money and please just let Zen and I be happy alone together (Zen+) **

– No matter what happens, Zen and I are going to run away together~ (Zen+) **
– I don’t know what you’re thinking about… but please take care of everything for Zen (Zen+, Seven+)

22:00 – People talk, but…
Phone call after chat: Zen

– How’s Jumin doing? (Jumin+) **
– I’m worried about Zen… (Zen+)

– You don’t think Jumin’s really gay do you…? (Jumin x) **
– Jumin is quite powerful already… but Zen is just an actor. I’m worried (Zen+)

– That’s so unfair… Zen did nothing wrong… (Zen+)
– People with power and money always win. It might be best for Zen to retire (Zen+) **

– Does his performance reminds you a lot of things that happened in your life…? (Jaehee+)
– He always worked hard and never relied on anyone else. There’s so much to learn from him…! (Zen+)
– I just want him to use that energy only on me. I don’t want anyone else to see it (Zen+) **

– He shouldn’t care about what the public thinks and just walk his path (Jaehee+)
– I think the fans will ignore Zen now (Zen+) **
– If they are true fans… they will think carefully about this and support him (Zen+)

– That sounds good. Let’s invite them (email from @badcomment)
– I don’t think they’ll help at the moment… (nothing)

– Thanks, Jaehee… Bye (Jaehee+)
– I’ll take care of it. Bye (nothing) **

23:12 – Jumin’s advice

– Zen, how are you feeling? (Zen+)
– Jumin’s here (Jumin+) **

– What are you talking about? (Zen+)
– Jumin, how could you be so calm? (Jumin+) **

– Zen… you’re not searching yourself online, are you? (Zen+)
– Who’s been talking? (Jumin+) **

– Yeah! Zen is very sensitive!! (Zen+)
– Zen… it’s hard now, but I’m sure you’ll get over it soon (Zen+)
– Jumin, you’re so cool (Zen x) **

– Zen, don’t say that! (Zen+)
– You know now… so stop. I’m here for you (Zen+) **

– It’s easier to just give up ^^ (Zen+)
– People who are born with money are easy to succeed (Zen x) **
– This isn’t so black and white… You have your talent to back you up (Zen+)

– You’re just going through a rough time. Go and try to get yourself together (Zen+)
– Just get some rest and think hard about just giving up and living with me (Zen+) **

– I guess you’re gonna receive more hate from him now (Jumin+) **
– You’re worried, right…? Me too (Zen+)

– Considering Zen’s job… it can be quite damaging. Zen’s dream is to be an actor (Zen+)
– I feel so bad to see him struggle like this. I hope he just quits now (Zen+) **

– Good night~ (Jumin+)
– Bye, Jumin (nothing) **

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  2. Kariky

    Im gonna say somenthing about the chat : 12:51 – Old party
    You will ALWAYS get the CG in a text from 707 after that chat (you don’t need to respond “Show us the photo lolololol”). I tried it myself.

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