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Casual Story:
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Jaehee route: Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10 + 11 | texts

Deep Story:
Common route: Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | texts
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Seven route: Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10 + 11 | texts

Guest emails | List of chat times (spoiler-free) | List of CGs | List of phone calls

Answers for Bad Ending 3 are marked with **

Day 10

00:43 – How is the preparation going?

– Jumin… Are you working? (Zen x, Jumin+, go to 1-2) **
– Zen~! You’re not asleep yet? Go and sleep (Zen+)

– Don’t be childish;; (Zen+) **
– Oh! My mistake!!! Zenny~! What are you doing past midnight? (Zen+)

– I can’t even imagine you doing something like that with such a blessed face… Please give everyone a fantastic… (Zen+)
– If you say something that hurts your fans, it might all fail, so make sure everything’s right (Zen+) **

– Lolol I can almost imagine how you were like to women until now lolol (nothing) **
– That’s how rumors work lolol (Jumin+)

– What does that mean? (nothing)
– Please don’t say that;;; T_T (nothing) **

– If you faint, I’ll wake you up with the sweetest voice ^^ (Zen+)
– Please stawwp;;; (Zen+) **
– I’m blushing ^^; (Zen+)

– Zen! Start eating preservatives (Zen+)
– Zen works out really hard… so won’t his beauty continue on? (Zen+)
– You can’t be so arrogant. You don’t know what’s going to happen (Zen+) **

– You two seem to be getting along so well, haha (Zen+)
– You both are good looking. Don’t worry about it now;; (Jumin+) **

– Where in the world were you guys? (nothing) **
– Not the first time? What do you mean? (nothing)

(CG: Common 12-1)

– What did you two talk about there? (Jumin+) **
– Oh, but Zen, didn’t you say you were going to call your family? (Zen+)

– How is your family doing? ? (Zen+)
– You could have called them after things got settled;; (Zen+) **

– They’re your family, but they don’t even acknowledge you… That’s harsh (Zen+) **
– I’m sure that with your generosity, you will have a much better relationship with your family now (Zen+)

– I’m your one and only, right? (Zen+)
– I’ll be right beside you as you try… ? (Zen+)
– Isn’t taking care of me and resolving things with your family two separate things? (Zen+) **

– Let’s all get some rest for the party tomorrow! (nothing) **
– Zen, go and rest up ? (Zen+)

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Zen

02:00 – Emergency alert;;;

– Seven, is something wrong? (Seven+)
– How is the party prep going? (nothing) **

– What is it? (nothing) **
– Is it about Zen? (Zen+)

– A special security system? Why would I need that? (nothing) **
– What is that? (nothing)

– Just what kind of private information? (nothing) **
– Were hackers after the information? (nothing)

(CG: Common 3-2)

– Oh my god..! Are you saying there’s a bomb here? (nothing)
– Why are you telling me this now!? (nothing) **

– So you mean the bomb might go off!? (nothing)
– Are you sure you made it properly!? (nothing) **

– Who in the world would do this…? (nothing) **
– So… my life is in danger right now? (nothing)

– I’m nervous being here by myself… Can’t Zen come? (Zen+)
– You can’t reach V right now? (Seven+) **

– All right (Seven+)
– What is it? (nothing) **

– You want me to trust you when I’m in danger…? (nothing) **
– There’s no other choice… I’ll trust you (Seven+)

– Please go and fix it (nothing) **
– All right… (nothing)

08:18 – The dream…
Phone call after chat: Yoosung

– I don’t notice any changes yet… Thanks for worrying (Zen+)
– I’m so anxious right now…! (nothing) **

– I can’t trust the RFA anymore (Zen+) **
– I think it might be safest to listen to Seven for now (Zen+)

– Whatever the reason is… I feel used (nothing) **
– I don’t really know… but I don’t want to think that he had bad intentions (nothing)

– Of course (nothing) **
– I want to proceed with the party…! For Zen…! (Zen+)

– ??? (nothing) **
– What?? Why…? (Zen+)

– Did you… have a psychic dream or something? (Zen+)
– How do you know, Zen? (nothing)
– I don’t think that’s the case… (Zen+) **

– Was I in your dream then? (Zen+)
– Gahh! So creepy! I don’t want to believe it (Zen+) **

– Zen, I’m scared…. (Zen+)
– I don’t believe you! Stop saying weird things (Zen+) **

– I want to listen to Seven (Zen+) **
– I want to believe what Zen said (Zen+)

– I’m just going to stay still here. Don’t come (Zen+) **
– Me…? But the address is secret… (Zen+)

– Thank you for wanting to protect me… (Zen+)
– As Seven said, if you come here Zen… the system might activate (Zen+)
– I don’t think that’s wise. Who will be responsible if my life is under threat because of your mistake? (Zen+) **

– Yes, I think that’s better (nothing)
– If you’re going to be hesitant, don’t bother to come (nothing) **

– I’m worried Zen will go out of his way (Zen+)
– Do you really think there’ll be an intruder? (Jaehee+)
– I don’t know who to believe… (Zen+) **

– Okay… I’m so sad that this is happening… (Jaehee+)
– Please go and tell Jumin (nothing) **

10:02 – Help me!
Phone call after chat: Zen

– I’m okay. But Seven… did you talk to Zen? (Seven+)
– I’m fine… Thank you, Yoosung (Yoosung+) **

– It must be tough… (Seven+) **
– I am safe, right? (Zen+)

– Is that okay, though? (nothing)
– How? (nothing) **

– It would be a big waste to just quit… (Seven+)
– Is the party important right now? (Zen+) **

– So I’m trapped here…? I want to leave the organization right now (Zen+) **
– I’ll stay here just as you said, Seven (Seven+)

– Ask V if he can just reveal my address;; (nothing) **
– Thanks for the gesture… ? (Yoosung+)

– Hurry and go (nothing) **
– What is he going to do? (Seven+)

– Umm… Is that the issue right now?;; (Zen+) **
– Oh…! That’s important, too. Please do a good job, Yoosung (Zen+)

– Do you have a bomb there, too? (nothing) **
– I guess you have a nice house (nothing)

– I know, right? The world these days… (Seven+)
– People usually don’t here (Yoosung+) **

– All right, good luck, Seven (Seven+)
– Don’t care about me (Zen+) **
– Good luck, Yoosung (Yoosung+)

11:47 – Jumin’s complaint

– Hi, Jumin. I’m good (Jumin+)
– Can you please send me a bodyguard…? (nothing)
– Everyone is so irresponsible when my safety is under threat (Zen+) **

– Jumin, what do you think is best to do right now? (Jumin+)
– How long do I have to live in fear? (nothing) **

– It’s strange that the bomb was installed in the first place (Jumin+)
– I can’t understand why we’re not able to reach V in such a situation (nothing) **

– You’re so calm, Jumin (Jumin+)
– I wish we could see the records… (nothing) **

– Thank you (Jumin+)
– I know (nothing) **

– Let’s not talk about the party right now… (nothing)
– Okay… I think it’ll be helpful to have an investigator. Let’s invite him (email from @detective)

– Good luck, Jumin (Jumin+)
– Good bye (nothing) **

14:25 – Recovery success! However…

– Is it about my safety? (Seven+)
– Jaehee, hello (Jaehee+) **

– Can’t Zen come for me? (Zen+)
– I think I can get out myself (Zen+) **
– Seven, will you come take me? (Seven+)

– Why not? (nothing)
– What?;;; (nothing) **

– Should I stay here for the time being? (Seven+)
– I can leave by myself! (nothing) **
– Send Zen over ? (Zen+)

– This is ridiculous… (Zen+) **
– I guess he has no choice since he’s in charge of handling sensitive material T_T (Seven+)

– No wonder we can’t reach him… I get it (Seven+)
– Oh my god… (Jaehee+) **

– I know… I feel like I’m being controlled by secrets (nothing) **
– No, it’s not your fault, Jaehee (Jaehee+)

– Hello (nothing)
– Zen, didn’t you say you were going to call V? (nothing) **

– Oh my…. do you think he’s planning to come here? (Zen+)
– He left without saying good bye (Zen+) **

– I will (nothing) **
– Okay, thanks for worrying, Jaehee ?  (Jaehee+)

16:51 – Pressure

– Yeah? I’m fine (nothing) **
– My heart is beating too fast because of Zen +_+ (Zen+)

– Did something happen? (Zen+, go to 2-2)
– Are you jealous that I’m living with a bomb right now? (nothing) **

– -_-?? (Yoosung+)
– Is Zen coming…? (go to 2-3)

– -_- (nothing)
– ? (nothing)

– Are you helping Seven out right now? (Yoosung+) **
– Seven’s not working too hard, is he? (Seven+)

– It’s a very important job (Yoosung+)
– Who knows what will happen to the two of them~ (Zen+) **

– I feel like I’m in good hands ? (Yoosung+) **
– Knight in shining armor? (Zen+)

– V’s coming tomorrow, right? (nothing) **
– That’s good. I can’t believe that the party’s already tomorrow (Yoosung+)

– lol Glad you’re finally helping now (nothing) **
– Okay, do a good job, Yoosung (Seven+)

GAME BRANCH: The following chats will lead to the Good Ending. If you do not see these chats, you’re heading toward Bad Ending 3. Additionally, Visual Novel Mode will follow after the Game Branch for both the Bad and Good Endings, but the Bad Ending will only leave you one answer choice each.

Bad Ending 3: CG Zen 11-3

(Visual Novel Mode)

I’m not sure if the answers for this Visual Novel Mode matter (I don’t think they do), but here are the answers I chose.

– Who are you…?
– What do you want?
– Why should I listen to you
– How do you know Seven?
– I’m fine!

(CG: Zen 9-4)

– (Bites man’s hand)

18:28 – Should have been more careful

– Zen knew the address? (nothing)
– I’m at Zen’s place… (nothing)

– T_T Zen, I was so scared (Zen+)
– We almost turned into white ashes there… (nothing)

– T_T… (nothing)
– Zen… calm down, I’m safe (nothing)

– He seemed to know you Seven… but not in a good way (nothing)
– Do you know who it might be? (nothing)

– It is sad that I can’t go back there… (nothing)
– Yes, thanks to Zen, I wasn’t hurt at all (nothing)

– Protect me, Zenny (nothing)
– I understand, Zen (nothing)

– Seven!! You have sinned! (nothing)
– Zen, I think Seven understands now… (nothing)

– Okay… ? (nothing)
– See you soon (nothing)

– I think we need some bodyguards here… (nothing)
– Seven, you did your best. Thank you for letting Zen know the address (Seven+)

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Jaehee

– (Grabs Zen’s wrist) (nothing)
– (Pretends to be okay) (Zen+)

19:50 – The truth

– Yes, Zen is taking good care of me! (Zen+)
– Things happen in life… (Unknown+)

– Moreover, V’s completely MIA… (Jumin+)
– Well, I’m safe so let’s just focus on the party (nothing)

– But… what did you find? (go to 3-2)
– Everything is okay now (nothing)

– Well… things become when you become an adult (nothing)
– Yeah, I’m fine~ (Yoosung+)

– I know for sure that it’s someone who knows Seven… (nothing)
– Ugh… I don’t ever want to think about that creepy man again (nothing)

– I’m a bit worried about Seven… You don’t think he’s feeling really bad about himself, do you? (Seven+)
– Yoosung, weren’t you working until now too? (Yoosung+)

– Whew! I guess Echo Girl will go down tomorrow then (Zen+)
– Who is it? (nothing)

– It is a commoner food in the shape of goldfish, Mr. Han (nothing)
– That pastry Seven ate only the stomach of (nothing)

– alkjh;4i;lkfjdk;l (Jaehee+)
– Think something’s wrong with her phone (nothing)

– So childish; (Jumin+)
– Zenzenzenzenzenzenny (Zen+)

– Will his testimony help? (nothing)
– Come to think of it, didn’t Zen mention that he was going to get goldfish-shaped bread? (Zen+)

– Yoosung, you did so well! (Yoosung+)
– What did she say on her social media? (nothing)

– You’re kind of scaring me (Yoosung+)
– Jumin… that actually makes sense (Jumin+)

– Good luck… (nothing)
– Do you want me to help you? (Jaehee+)

– Take good care of Seven! (Seven+)
– Thank you for everything! (Yoosung+)

– Why do you think so? (nothing)
– I hope Seven tracks the hacker fast… (Seven+)

– Good bye, Jumin (nothing)
– Thank you for sending us your bodyguards, Jumin (Jumin+)

– The secrets will come out soon. Let’s be positive! (nothing)
– Yes, let’s out do our best (Jaehee+)

– I’m going to stay up a bit more, since Zen’s up ? (Zen+)
– Yes, soon. Please hang in there, Jaehee (Jaehee+)

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Jumin

21:12 – Revealing secret

– No way my heart can calm down when I’m with you… (nothing)
– Yes, I have. The party is tomorrow! (go to 1-2)

– Okay (nothing)
– All right, Zenny (Zen+)

– I know you didn’t do it on purpose… but things like this can’t happen in the future (nothing)
– Not only me, Zen was in danger too…! (Zen+)

– Last trip? (nothing)
– Everyone else is working to prepare for the party and you went on a trip? (nothing)

– Why didn’t you tell us? (nothing)
– Did you hurt yourself? (nothing)

– Is there any way to fix it? (nothing)
– Did you get hurt!? (nothing)

– How can you take photos now? (nothing)
– Still… You’re a member of the RFA and you didn’t mention anything. You shouldn’t have… (nothing)

– Everyone worked so hard for this party without you…! (nothing)
– V, don’t you think that you’re being unfair to us? (nothing)

– V, why aren’t you trying to meet everyone’s expectations? (nothing)
– Zen… Cheer up (Zen+)

– Your sight isn’t good. Can you come to the party tomorrow? (nothing)
– Don’t tell me you’re not coming to tomorrow’s party… Are you? (nothing)

– Zen, let’s try to understand V for now. Nothing will come out of getting mad… (Zen+)
– I still can’t trust you… How can you be so sure? (nothing)

– Thank you at least for letting me join the organization. Thanks to that, I met Zen (Zen+)
– I was so happy to work in Rika’s shoes (nothing)

– Okay~ (nothing)
– See you soon ? (nothing)

– That’s what I should say (nothing)
– Are you trying to say good bye? (nothing)

– Do you think I can all clear this game? (nothing)
– Do you believe in God, V? (nothing)

– Okay… Please tell me if you’re going through a hard time, okay? (nothing)
– Okay, then I’ll get going (nothing)

(Visual Novel Mode)

– Okay, thank you (Zen+)
– I’m still a bit shaky (nothing)

– Zen, what about your acting? (nothing)
– How about rent…? (nothing)
– I’ll think about it… (nothing)

– Thank you… (nothing)
– That’s not like you (nothing)

(CG: Zen 10-1)

– Umm… (nothing)
– I… Zen… (nothing)

(CG: Zen 10-2)

23:16 – Finally

– Seven, do you have news? (Seven+)
– Hahaha~ I just heard Zen’s true feelings towards me ? (nothing)

– Thank you so much, Seven (Seven+)
– Okay, I will (Zen+)

– Did V say anything? (nothing)
– Both Yoosung and V are there? (nothing)

– Okay (nothing)
– I didn’t know (nothing)

– You did so well~ (Seven+)
– Good night (nothing)

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Zen

Day 11

08:00 – Look forward to the party
Phone call after chat: Zen

– Hello~! The party is finally today (nothing)
– Today’s a good day, but I’m worried about V… (nothing)

– I knew it… V only talks to the two of you (nothing)
– Why didn’t you say anything then? (nothing)

– ??? (nothing)
– There must be some sort of story (nothing)

– My Zenny is very special ? (nothing)
– I’m so grateful you came for me… (nothing)

– Is he coming today? (nothing)
– Hello, Yoosung! (nothing)

– Is V coming alone? (nothing)
– Are you coming with Seven, Yoosung? (nothing)

– I’m okay thanks to Zen ? (nothing)
– Zenny… gave me a lot of love so I’m good

– Z-Zen… haha;;; (nothing)
– *cough cough* (nothing)
– omgomgomgomg (nothing)

– Jumin~ See you later! (nothing)
– Sure, bye Yoosung! (nothing)

– Yes! (nothing)
– I’m a bit nervous… (nothing)

12:00 Party Start

(no answer choices)

If you’re aiming for the Good Ending, be sure to answer all the emails you need before starting the party!

Normal Ending
CG: Zen 10-3, 11-4

Good Ending
CG: Zen 10-3, 10-4

After Ending
CG: Zen 11-1, 11-2

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  1. ramencreep

    me again! i think the good/normal end might be mostly dependent on party guests?

    i was going for the BRE on day 10 and my percentages were 81\% on day 7 (choosing good answers), 18\% on day 8 (bad answers), 9\% on day 9 (bad answers), and 0\% on days 10 and 11 (LOL) and 100\% for the other days (except day 1). i chose to stay still for that one VNM and got the normal end with 5 guests and good end with 20+ guests.

    …and fml finding the BREs are so hard

  2. welcometowonderland

    The party will still be there, so you’re good! You can definitely play it later ?

  3. Maria

    Omg I have school will I miss the party ??

  4. welcometowonderland

    I’m actually not sure if this is a glitch or not… So the next available chatroom is highlighted in green, and when you tap on it, it kicks out back to the previous screen with the menu with Days 1-11? If that’s the case, it sounds like a glitch, and my best suggestion would be to contact Cheritz ;A; If I misunderstood, please let me know!

  5. welcometowonderland

    Yes, you can still participate in the party later! Honestly, you’re in the safe zone after you’ve passed the branch for Bad Ending 3, hehe

  6. anonymous-chan

    Hello there~!
    If you mind- I’m gonna ask you about something..
    So.. Yesterday i just re-installed the game. I was in the 10th day and thankfully i have the saved game. But but but.. When the new chatroom showed up.. It can’t be loaded :<
    The screen will always switched back to the day-timeline.. Do you know what i can do? Thanks before

  7. Emma

    Hello, I have a question. Because I will be busy at 12:00 on day 11, so can I get to participate in the party at about 5 hours later? Or I will miss the party?

  8. welcometowonderland

    You can unlock it when you restart or when you finish a route. When you start a route, it’ll give you the option to choose between the Casual or Deep Story, so that’s when you can choose to unlock the Deep Story. (Just be aware that if you’re in the middle of a route and you start over, you need to save the route manually if you want to continue it later, or else it’ll be overwritten by the new route.)

    A CG is a “computer graphic,” or the special illustrations within the game.

  9. ペニ ス

    Hello- I have a question. So like I have enough hourglass to unlock the deep story but I still can’t find a way to do that. do I have to finish all of the casual route first before I get to do that or just finish one of the routes? And another thing, this might be a stupid question but what is CG? ;; but anyways thanks for the walkthrough!!

  10. welcometowonderland

    Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me, hehe. I haven’t finished typing the Deep Story routes yet, so they’re not linked at the moment. I hope I can finish them this weekend (or at the latest, this coming week!)

  11. Hyun

    Hello. Thank you so much for this walkthroughs and guide. So organized and detailed. The best one that I’ve seen! ?
    But, may I know why the deep route parts aren’t clickable? ?

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