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(Sorry, but any comments saying that this game is ripping off Hakuouki will be deleted because I’m super tired of hearing that any kind of Shinsengumi-related media is copying Hakuouki. Seriously not having it…)

I hadn’t been too excited for the past few Voltage games, but I absolutely love period-themed games!! (I hope Voltage could make a Taishou themed game someday…) I could date Hijikata and Okita a million times and not get tired, haha.

You are a doctor (in training?) and working in a clinic your father left you after his death. After an unfortunate event and being saved by the men with blue coats, you lose the house and clinic to a fire, and you must stay with the members of the Shinsengumi.

Okita has always been my favorite in Shinsengumi-related media, but I’m also excited for Hijikata… Being voiced by Sugitan doesn’t help either!! I love Sugitan!!

Some things I’ll comment on:

– Honestly, I wish they kept the title as the transliteration of the Japanese title… “Era of Samurai” doesn’t have the same impact as “The Woman Love by the Shinsengumi”…

– The sprite effects seemed to have leveled up, including zooming in and out and the “effects” when they’re in battle. A little cheesy, but it’s refreshing to see something different, hehe.

– The coin system… Looks like they’re making it similar to their social games where you must buy an in-game currency and use the currency to buy the stories. They cost the same as any other main or sub-story, but with this new system, you’re now restricted to playing on one device. (I usually hopped between my phone and tablet, so looks like I can’t do it anymore for newer games…)

– No more transfer codes. Looks like you can register your data with your email and your own password. One one hand, it’s nice that using your email is easier to remember than a string of random letters and numbers. On the other hand, if you lose your email/password, you can’t restore your purchases, and you lose all your coins. I’d rather have my purchases linked to my iTunes account, but they’re just seriously modeling this after their social games…

– The opening movie is voiced, and not with an awful dubbed voice (coughs, Eisuke), but with Sugitan!! They even kept Sugitan for the ending movie, which surprised me but made me very happy.

– The art is beautiful, and I had already become a huge fan of this artist after Star-Crossed Myth. I’m glad Voltage is working with this artist again!

So the coin system isn’t sitting well with me, but I’m too happy about the use of seiyuu that I’m not as bothered as I thought I would be, haha. I hope Voltage won’t screw this up…

I bought Hijikata’s story immediately (haha), but I hope I’ll be able to finish it in a timely manner… I haven’t been able to really play games outside of social games lately, so here’s to hoping for some alone time soon so I can catch up with my hobbies!! Hehe

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Comments: 2
  1. Truffles

    I’m not a fan on the micro-micro managing coin system either, hopefully we are not the only ones who think it stinks, or we will be seeing it for ever other game. Fan of your walkthroughs, so far you have had 100\% super happy ending with your choices. I hope you get around to this one.

    What do you think of this being the first 17+ voltage game?

    Truffle Bottoms

  2. Lehst

    Oh~ interesting stuff. Thanks for explaining the changes in Voltage games, I don’t play many but the evolution is interesting none the less. The art on his one does look pretty.

    Lol looks like Okita picks on Hijikata huh? I swear, every time I see Okita I just can’t. I can’t put up with his shit x’D

    And omg I really want to play a Taisho otome too. (One of the reasons I love Devil Summoner with Raidou Kuzunoha.) And darnit I hate typing Japanese names because autocorrect mangles them and I don’t realize it lol.

    Or damn are there VNs that take place during early Showa? I want to see the classic gakuran and hats and girls with braids…. I will have to look that up. I’m sure has been something but I need it in English ^_^;;

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