OZMAFIA!! – Caesar walkthrough

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Please let me know if you spot any mistakes!
And please view Caramia’s walkthrough for any FAQs!

Caesar (シーザー)
CV: Kirimoto Takuya (Zhuge Dan from Dynasty Warriors, Ivan Glaziev from GANGSTA., etc.)

Caesar isn’t available during the first few selections where you get to choose with whom you want to spend time, so you can really choose anyone you want (and subsequently any answer you want for the answer choice following the character selection) in those cases. The Japanese guide I was referencing chose specific characters, though, so I will be doing the same.

– Where are we?
– Now that you mention it…
– I can’t think of one

(Select Scarlet)

– Pretty cute
– Grab Scarlet’s mantle
– I’ll be more careful from now on
– What about Mr. Kyrie?

(Select Sou)

– Sounds like fun
– It’s pleasant

(Select Sou)

– Be honest with him
– He’s a strange person
– I’ll give it a shot
– I’m doing it because I want to

(Select Caesar)

– I want to remember it
– Kyrie
– Be annoyed
– Be happy

(Select Caesar)

– Show him it’s safe
– Pancakes, please
– Pancakes sure are delicious!

(Select Caesar)

– You can rest easy with Sou by your side!
– It must be hard work
– I’d find a way

(Select Caesar)

– You seem really strong
– Please don’t be so rude
– Okay

(Select Caesar)

– Talk about something
– Scar
– That’s Mr. Kyrie for you
– I think we’re about the same height

(Select Caesar)

– Absolutely!
– Please don’t fight

(Select Caesar)

– You should come to town
– Scarlet didn’t really need to apologize

(Select Caesar)

– Isn’t that kind of lonesome?
– Is she that stubborn?

(Select Caesar)

– That was so cool…
– Mr. Caramia

(Select Caesar)

– Tell him the truth
– I can’t wait!
– That’s too bad…

(Select Caesar)

– Okay
– Thank you
– Thank you very much

(Select Caesar) * Caesar will now become the only choice

– I just can’t get him off my mind
– I’ll join you

(Select Caesar)

– Sounds like a handful…
– Meteor Shower Gathering

(Select Caesar)

(Create Save File 1 for Caesar)

– I was so worried
– Good afternoon
– I don’t think you should do that…
– Don’t leave me behind!
– Maybe…

(Open Save File 1 for Caesar)

– You’re late
– Are you doing all right?
– …
– Could you slow down?
– Of course not

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Comments: 6
  1. Vespacat

    I’m a little upset that they never explain why Caesar wanted to kill MC, I really wanted to know the reason behind that.

  2. Azumi

    Gosh! Caesar was CUUUUTEE! His endings were so funny and nice! His sprite design is the most beautiful of them all!
    Thank you so much for working so hard on this walkthrough!
    Soh, is next! XD

  3. welcometowonderland

    Yes, it’s for the PC/Steam version.

  4. welcometowonderland

    No bad ends in Ozmafia, unless you count the brothel route, haha. The Japanese guide I looked at also called the endings simply A and B, so I just did the same

  5. bloodskull_kira

    and one more question again
    this guide is for PC right??

  6. bloodskull_kira

    what the meaning of ending a and ending b?
    there’s no bad end in here?

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