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Robin Hood (ロビン フッド)
CV: Fujinami Satoru

– Where are we?
– Now that you mention it…
– I can’t think of one

(Select Robin Hood)

– Nothing
– I’ll be more careful from now on
– That sounds wonderful

(Select Robin Hood)

– Sounds powerful!
– It’s fun

(Select Robin Hood)

– Okay
– He’s a smart person
– I’ll give it a shot
– I’m doing it because I want to

(Select Robin Hood)

– I want to win, too
– Caramia
– Be annoyed
– Be happy

(Select Robin Hood)

– Pancakes, please
– Pancakes sure are delicious!

(Select Robin Hood)

– True…
– It must be hard work
– I’d find a way

(Select Robin Hood)

– It must be tough…
– Please don’t be so rude
– Okay

(Select Robin Hood)

– Scary…
– Scar
– I don’t think you should be doing that…
– I think we’re about the same height

(Select Robin Hood)

– You sure get along well

(Select Robin Hood)

– Scarlet didn’t need to apologize

(Select Robin Hood)

– I like you better this way
– Is she that stubborn?

(Select Robin Hood)

– That’s very reassuring!
– Mr. Caramia

(Select Robin Hood)

– That puts me at ease
– I want to help
– That’s too bad…

(Select Robin Hood)

– Doesn’t she get sad?
– Thank you
– Thank you very much

(Select Robin Hood) * Robin Hood will now become the only choice

– Why don’t all three of us have a chat?

(Select Robin Hood)

– Does that include you?
– Meteor Shower Gathering

(Select Robin Hood)

(Create Save File 1 for Robin Hood)

– It wasn’t your fault
– I don’t think that’s true
– I’ll try my best!
– Of course I do!
– Please use it on something for everyone
– Absolutely!
– Leave it to me!
– I’m jealous
– I love you

(Open Save File 1 for Robin Hood)

– You really scared me…
– Maybe you’re right…
– I’m not sure…
– How could I…?
– That’s very like you
– Are you sure?
– Please hurry back
– You really love her
– I don’t know…


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Comments: 5
  1. June

    I love Robin, though it weirds me out that the extra scenes are only in his bad route.

  2. welcometowonderland

    The ones you’re missing are most likely from other combinations of love triangles (which I’m trying to figure out how to get as well) and then the CGs from the epilogue and grand ending!

  3. Azumi

    Oh my! Robin is gorgeous! His endings were bittersweet!
    Caesar is next!
    I have lots of CS’s missing from the others section… are there more love triangle combinations or endings that I don’t know of?

  4. welcometowonderland

    Same!! He’s so beautiful without his mask ;w;

  5. darwinawardjudge

    Painfully attracted to Robin Hood.

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