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And please view Caramia’s walkthrough for any FAQs!

Pashet (パシェ)
CV: Fujii Kyouko

– Where are we?
– Now that you mention it…
– I can’t think of one

(Select Pashet)

– It’s fun
– I’ll be more careful from now on
– What about Mr. Kyrie?

(Select Pashet)

– They’re scary…
– It’s pleasant

(Select Pashet)

– Sorry…
– He’s a strange person
– I’ll give it a shot
– I’m doing it because I want to

(Select Pashet)

– Okay…
– Caramia
– Be annoyed
– Be happy

(Select Pashet)

– Good luck, Ms. Pashet
– Pancakes, please
– Pancakes sure are delicious!

(Select Pashet)

– I wish I had cat ears
– It must be hard work
– I’d find a way

(Select Pashet)

– Mr. Kyrie told me
– Please don’t be so rude
– Okay

(Select Pashet)

– Why don’t you ask them?
– Scar
– That’s Mr. Kyrie for you
– I think we’re about the same height

(Select Pashet)

– You should get some hobbies
– Please don’t fight

(Select Pashet)

– Thank you very much!
– Scarlet didn’t really need to apologize

(Select Pashet)

– I wish I could be like you
– Is she that stubborn?

(Select Pashet)

– Okay
– Mr. Caramia

(Select Pashet)

– Fighting is wrong
– I can’t wait!
– That’s too bad…

(Select Pashet)

– Okay
– Thank you
– Thank you very much

(Select Pashet)* Pashet will now become the only choice

– You seem strong than him
– I’ll join you

(Select Pashet)

– Adorable!!
– Sounds like a handful…
– Meteor Shower Gathering

(Select Pashet)

(Create Save File 1 for Pashet)

– That’s too bad
– Come again sometime
– I should follow her lead
– Your hard work is paying off
– She definitely does!
– Let’s talk again sometime
– I want to go with you

(Open Save File 1 for Pashet)

– Please tell me
– So what did you need exactly?
– Maybe she’s not very good at cooking
– It’s amazing!
– You really think so?
– Good luck
– I’ll be waiting for you

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Comments: 6
  1. Candace

    I also like Bercy (and Alfani) but those two cuties don’t get to have their own routes. :(( What a pity!

  2. Candace

    Well I’m an Otome fan but I also enjoy GL visual novels very much so I chose Pashet in the hope of some romance with her, but her route is really ambigous, it seems to be more of friendship rather than romance, even the good ending (ending A). My mood has fallen down so much since when she had a crush on Axel despite my effort to pursue her that long *cry*.

  3. Azumi

    I really thought Pashet was a boy who likes to crossdress… I was disappointed with the endings… :((

  4. TeaNinja

    Thank you so so much for making this walkthrough. I already played Pashet, but when I followed your guide out of curiosity, there were so many scenes I had missed. Keep up the great work, I look forward to the rest of your guides, =)

  5. welcometowonderland

    Ahhh I’m so glad to be of help! ;w; Also, let me know when you have your review up! I would love to know what you thought of the game, hehe

  6. Casper (@FriendlySenpai)

    As a reviewer that abhors reviewing games without finishing them to 100\% completion, I just want to point out that your walkthroughs are a GODSEND. I didn’t discover them until I realized I sunk ten hours into this game without even getting to 40\%, and I realized that if I was gonna have a review up by Tuesday then I needed to find a way to streamline through all of the endings. This is helping so much, even if it just removes the guessing aspect.

    You da real MVP.

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