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Please let me know if you spot any mistakes!

Walkthroughs may be a little confusing because of the sheer amount of choices and paths, but just let me know if you have any questions. Note that there will be a lot of bouncing around and character route hopping in order to obtain all endings/CGs.

UPDATE 5.12.2016 – I finally finished! I have not changed any answers in the walkthroughs for Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel, but I moved some spots where you should make save files to correspond with the love triangles. (No changes were made with the rest of the characters.)

I also moved some routes around for the Oz boys so it would be less confusing, but I’m afraid the move might confuse some people, haha. For example, Caramia vs Axel was originally on Axel’s walkthrough page, but I moved it to Caramia’s walkthrough page, since Caramia is the confessor in the love triangle.

I double checked all the answers, so if you are having any trouble getting any CGs, PLEASE make sure you did not deviate from the answers I listed. If you’re still having trouble, please try starting over the route in question with a clean save file. If you’re still having trouble after that, please let me know.

On another note, I’m completely over these love triangles, omg. I didn’t particularly care for NTR before, and now I have developed a true dislike for them, haha…


Can I rename my heroine?
Yes, during the third choice at the beginning of the game, choose “I’ll decide myself.” You’ll be prompted to enter a name of your choice. For all walkthroughs, I’ve chosen “I can’t think of one” because I usually like using canon names, hehe.

How do I obtain all CGs?
You must obtain all endings (bolded in each walkthrough) to obtain all CGs.
It’s advised to keep several save files so you can reload to obtain different endings by choosing alternate answers. (I’ve also bolded where to make convenient save files within the walkthroughs.)

What are the different types of endings?
The three Oz guys (Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel) have two “Pure Love” and two “Transferred” endings, totaling four endings each. “Pure Love” endings are endings where you end up with the guy of your choice. “Transferred” endings are the love triangle endings, where you start out accepting the confession of one guy and basically hop over to the other guy for whatever reason within the story. (I don’t know if “transferred” endings are called something else in English, but I’ll just refer to them as “transferred” for now.)

Everyone else has two endings each.

Did you say Love Triangle endings!?
Yes, and only Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel have these “love triangle” endings. They’re called “norikae” endings in Japanese, which tickled me because I had this image of someone transferring trains at a station, so you’re literally transferring from guy to guy, haha.

Every route for the Oz guys will have a window for a love triangle route; it’s inevitable and is a part of their stories. You’ll have to do these route six times for all combinations of love triangles: Caramia/Kyrie, Caramia/Axel, Kyrie/Caramia, Kyrie/Axel, Axel/Caramia, and Axel/Kyrie.

The rival of the love triangle will be determined by whomever has the second highest affection.To determine who’s in your current triangle, once you’ve entered the love triangle “window” after the confession, you’ll notice that the transition screen that usually has “Dorothy” with the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion will show only two characters. These two characters will be the ones in your triangle, and the one highlighted in red is the one with the highest affection.

If you’re not following a walkthrough, the formula to achieve the triangle is the following:
– Spend Sundays with the guy whose confession you want (making him the main person in the triangle)
– For answer choices not on Sundays, choose answers that are favorable to the person you would like to rival.

For example, you would like to pursue the Caramia/Kyrie love triangle. Always spend Sundays with Caramia and choose answers in his favor. For any answer choices during the rest of the week, choose answers in Kyrie’s favor. If you do this correctly, you will receive a confession from Caramia, and Kyrie will become the rival.

You must to do ALL love triangle routes in order to get all CGs. I know some people are particularly against NTR, so if you don’t care about getting all the CGs, then you can skip over these endings.

The CGs for the love triangles will be under the “others” category in the gallery. You will also get CGs for hopping over to the rival as well as rejecting the rival.

A GIANT THANK YOU to SeOn for giving me directions on how to get the love triangles and rejections I was missing!

How do I unlock Hamelin?
Reject the confession for either Caramia, Kyrie, or Axel, and you’ll be directed to the Hamelin route.

Will anything happen if I don’t aggressively pursue one person? 
You won’t receive any confessions. As a result, you’ll be directed to Hamelin’s route, even if you try to ignore him. (Thank you niuniuzheng for this tip!)

Is Pashet a yuri route?
No, she’s not.

Is there a suggested route order?
From what I heard, technically, there isn’t. But it’s also suggested to play the three Oz guys first and leave Caesar and Sou for last.

How do I get the Epilogue?
First, you need to get at least one ending for each character. After that, click on the book Fuka is holding on the title screen.

How do I get the Grand Ending?
You need see all endings for all characters AND view the Epilogue above. Then, click on the book Fuka is holding on the title screen again and choose to view the Grand Ending.

Are there any extra content that are included after the first playthrough?
Yes! If you go through the game again (including when the game branches into specific character routes), there will be some extra scenes scattered throughout the story. (It’ll be easier to find if you put your game on “skip read!) They’re short scenes, but there are a lot!

01-ozmafia-caramiaCaramia (カラミア)
CV: Shingaki Tarusuke (Heshikiri Hasebe from Touken Ranbu, Matou Kariya from Fate/Zero, etc.)

– Where are we?
– Now that you mention it…
– I can’t think of one

(Select Caramia)

– I just wanted to spend some time with you

(Create Save File 1 for Caramia) (Caramia vs Kyrie)

– I’ll be more careful from now on
– What about Mr. Kyrie?

(Select Caramia)

– I want to go with you
– It’s pleasant

(Select Caramia)

– Okay
– He’s a smart person
– I’ll give it a shot
– I’m doing it because I want to

(Select Caramia)

– I’m not going to lose!
– Thank you very much
– Caramia
– Be embarrassed
– Be happy

(Select Caramia)

– Is the cheese that tasty?
– Pancakes, please
– Stop Mr. Kyrie!

(Select Caramia)

– You should take care of yourself…
– It must be hard work
– I’d find a way

(Select Caramia)

– A little…
– Please don’t be so rude
– Okay

(Select Caramia)

– That’s scary
– Scar
– I don’t think you should be doing that…
– I think we’re about the same height

(Select Caramia)

– Sleep tight
– Please don’t fight

(Select Caramia)

– Protect me next time
– Scarlet didn’t really need to apologize

(Select Caramia)

– I don’t know…
– Is she that stubborn?

(Select Caramia)

– I guess you’re right
– Mr. Caramia

(Select Caramia)

– Good point
– I can’t wait!
– That’s too bad…

(Select Caramia)

– Sounds fun!
– Thank you
– Thank you very much

(Select Caramia) * Caramia will now become the only choice

– Can I depend on you?
– What about Mr. Caramia…

(Select Caramia)

– I want to help
– Does that include you?
– Meteor Shower Gathering

(Select Caramia)

– I can’t wait

(Create Save File 2 for Caramia)

– I love you (I’m sorry → HAMELIN ROUTE)
– Yes, I’d love to!
– I’m happy
– Are you sure that’s a good idea…?
– I like you better clean
– Wanna join us?
– Let’s do it

(Create Save File 3 for Caramia) (Caramia vs Kyrie rejection)

– How are you feeling?
– Think it over more
– I don’t know about that…

(Create Save File 4 for Caramia)

– If you’ll have me
– You should really get some rest
– Please get stronger
– … Okay
– I’ll be back before you know it

(Open Save File 4 for Caramia)

– I don’t know…
– Keep at it!
– I’ll stay with you always
– But…
– Thank you

(Open Save File 1 for Caramia) (Caramia vs Axel)

– I’ll be more careful from now on
– That sounds wonderful

(Select Caramia)

– I want to go with you
– It’s pleasant

(Select Caramia)

– Okay
– He’s a strange person
– I don’t think I’d do very well
– I’m doing it because they asked me

(Select Caramia)

– I’m not going to lose!
– Thank you very much
– Axel
– Be embarrassed
– Be confused

(Select Caramia)

– Is the cheese that tasty?
– Pancakes, please
– Pancakes sure are delicious!

(Select Caramia)

– You should take care of yourself…
– It must by hard work
– I’d find a way

(Select Caramia)

– A little…
– Please don’t be so rude
– But Axel is…

(Select Caramia)

– That’s scary
– Scar
– I don’t think you should be doing that…
– I think we’re about the same height

(Select Caramia)

– Sleep tight
– … Where did Axel go?

(Select Caramia)

– Protect me next time
– I’m still sleepy…

(Select Caramia)

– I don’t know…
– Is she that stubborn?

(Select Caramia)

– I guess you’re right
– Axel

(Select Caramia)

– Good point
– I want to help
– Let’s do it at the mansion

(Select Caramia)

– That sounds really scary
– Thank you
– I think you’re hiding something…

(Select Caramia)

– Can I depend on you?
– I’ll join you

(Select Caramia)

– I want to help
– Sounds like a handful…
– Meteor Shower Gathering

(Select Caramia)

– I can’t wait
– I love you
– It’ll be our secret
– Write a response
– That’s very like you
– I feel kind of proud

(Create Save File 5 for Caramia) (Caramia vs Axel rejection)

– Do you think he’ll like it?
– I want to go to the bookstore
– It’s not his fault
– I want to believe in him…
– Okay
(You can stop here, as this will lead to Pure Love Endings A/B)

(Open Save File 3 for Kyrie) (Kyrie → Caramia)

– I like it!
– Let’s link arms
– You’re so mean…
– I don’t really know…

(Create Save File 6 for Caramia)

– I bought a present for Mr. Caramia
– Sorry
– Okay!
– Okay
– Please be careful
– Poor thing…
– Okay

(Open Save File 6 for Caramia)

– It’s a secret
– That’s easier said than done…
– That’s kind of embarrassing…
– I want to be useful
– I’m going, too
– How fun
– Let me think about it…

(Open Save File 3 for Axel) (Axel → Caramia)

– Don’t go after him
– I guess I’ll wait…
– Thanks
– Thank you
– I can’t choose
(You can stop here, as this will lead to Transferred Endings A/B)



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  1. Lyn

    So to get the grand ending, you’ll need to do all the boys ending, but not 100\% completing it right ?

  2. Talita N. Thomezyk

    the epilogue killed me

  3. Talita N. Thomezyk

    I had so much fun playing this game. It has been such a long time since I last played an otome game. Yeah, it wasn’t the best game I played, but the story was so full of feelings. I just cried my eyes out at the EPILOGUE… (rly hated Sou there). But the GRAND ENDING made me smile again (even if I just wanted to shoot Kyrie-san….)
    I just have to say that seeing that 100\% in the CG section was the definion of happiness…. I spent the last couple of days playing this…
    The route of the Oz guys was the best…. The Brothel route was like… WTF GURL hahaha but still love ManBoy. Kind of hated Sou after everything… his ending was awful and I just wanted to take a gun and kill him from the start. Caeser was the character that surprised me…. he did a 180 when I last expected (he grew on me >_<)
    But yeah… I'm kind of sad that it's over… It's leaving me with a gap inside (epilogue's fault, i guess)
    I'll surely miss this game and the character. I'm sure I'll play it again sometime (even if Fuka is a dumb girl)
    xoxo and hope to comment again soon

  4. Izabela Mamede (@TheMskenobi)

    Just thanks for this walkthrough! i felt in love with Kyrie in this game and i was soo heartbroken after the epilogue ><

  5. 44magpies

    UwU I’m not sure if you’re still answering these, but I absolutely can’t figure it out. I didn’t understand the transferred endings at first, so I spent a long time going back and replaying everything. I’m somehow still missing 2 CGS! I was even able to view the Grand Epilogue?!
    I’m missing Page 1, right side 2nd row, and Page 2 middle of 2nd row ?

  6. SeOn

    Awe, happy to help out. The walkthrough is great. And thanks for the thank you as well hehe. =)

  7. sacae

    Oh! So it looks like it’s completely done now. Good job! Did all that NTR ruin the VN for you xD?

  8. sacae

    You should try Fata Morgana. It’s been so good for me so far. But, its not an Otome,
    Also did you see my Secret Pets question?

  9. welcometowonderland

    Now I’m looking for the next VN to play *w* I’m really looking forward to the next Zero Escape game!!

  10. welcometowonderland

    I think it’s worth it to get the grand ending (though tbh, I was still like wtf after the grand ending, haha) since you get all CGs, and it answers some(?) questions TwT I usually try to get all CGs for VNs anyway, hehe. But I think it’s only worth going back to read all those extra scenes you mentioned only if you really like the game or if you’re curious, since there’s nothing that tracks your progress with that

  11. sacae

    100\%ing? lol Iono how that’d be phased. Worth me playing it till 100\%.

  12. sacae

    What did you think of the VN as a whole now? Worth 100\%? (so many VNs so little time)

  13. welcometowonderland

    Thank you!! ;w; Honestly, it did a little, haha, orz;;;;; Love triangles are one thing, but actually hopping from one guy to another the way she did doesn’t really sit well with me. It’s just a personal preference, but I think a part of me wasn’t expecting this much NTR in a game that wasn’t r18, haha. On the other hand, I think the game stands out because of all the NTR, haha!

  14. Liadain

    Axel is such a darling! Liked him and Caesar the most. Though I felt really bad when I transferred Axel to Kyrie/Caramia ?
    Also liked Scarlet a lot, but his endings lacked impact for my taste.
    Thank you for the thorough walkthrough!

  15. sacae

    Oh Secret Pets just showed up on steam, all these forbiddenlove games showing up xD Was that one good?

  16. welcometowonderland

    Those missing CGs are from the love triangle routes, which are now uploaded on each walkthrough for the Oz guys as of last night!

  17. Aoi


    I just finished the game and I’m missing 7 CGS in the “other” section. I followed the walkthrough so I’m not sure what I did wrong…

    Can some help?

  18. welcometowonderland

    Bottom right is Kyrie vs Caramia, accepting Caramia’s advances, so it’s listed above (starting with Kyrie Save File 3)!

  19. hayurika

    I missing the bottom right CG with Caramia shirtless, I think? I tried following the Axel rejection route, but I am not getting anything new

  20. welcometowonderland

    Sorry! I think I told you the wrong CG, orz;;;;; are you missing the bottom left on the first page of others?

  21. hayurika

    I keep following the guide for the Axel rejection, but I can’t seem to unlock that CG.

  22. welcometowonderland

    It’s Caramia vs Axel, after rejecting Axel’s advances. So it’s the very last section in this walkthrough!

  23. hayurika

    I am missing the bottom left CG on the other category. I know it’s a Caramia CG, but which route do I have to in order get it? Thanks!

  24. SeOn

    Hehe it isn’t a problem at all. I am just glad to be of some help. Plus you did an awesome job already with these walkthroughs, helping people with what little I know, feels great. I want more of these Otome games to come to the west and bloggers, guides and walkthrough-ers like yourself are what makes everyone that much more comfortable with beating them and looking to get another to satisfy that craving hehe.

    Anywho! The Kyrie vs Axel rejection is, from what I remember;

    -Earnestly look for some.
    -He’s smart.
    -I did it because I love you.
    -It is a little strange
    -We should go out again.

    Going this route of interaction in the Kyrie vs Axel allowed me to deny Axel’s advances and instead remain with Kyrie. I hope this helped!

  25. welcometowonderland

    Thank you SO MUCH again for your tips!! I was able to get the missing triangles as well as the rejections.

    I’m actually missing the Kyrie vs Axel rejection (first CG in page 2 of others), so I was wondering if you still remembered your answers for that particular section ;A;

    So in Kyrie vs Axel, right after accepting Kyrie’s confession, in order to switch to Axel, I picked:
    – Earnestly look for some
    – He’s handsome
    – I’m sorry
    – It’s not
    – Good luck with your work

    And choosing the opposite answers still makes me transfer to Axel, sigh… I’m so close to finishing this game and walkthrough (yells)

  26. kelsey

    wow thank you so much for this work lol, I cant figure it out, so many options ;n;

  27. niuniuzheng

    In response to Courtney above^, I played my first run blind, and couldnt choose one route so I just talked to/ “pursued” various people without settling on a specific person. However, the game pigeonholed me into Hamelin’s route. Without receiving any confessions, you see a sleeping Hamelin, and regardless of whether you try to ignore him or not, the protagonist chooses to help him and ends up on his route.

  28. pandaface1000

    i cant access the Grand Ending even though i play through all the character stories and the Epilogue can someone please help

  29. welcometowonderland

    I’m still working on the missing CGs in others, which all come from the triangle routes I’m missing. Haven’t had any free time in the past few days (cries), but I’ll update the guides once I find out.

  30. welcometowonderland

    IMO it doesn’t truly matter, but I’ve heard most people prefer endings A over B ^o^

  31. welcometowonderland

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’ve had zero time toward the end of the week, so I haven’t even touched this game in a few days T__T I’ll try this out, hopefully tonight! I really appreciate your help ;w;

  32. kelsey

    Im at 93\% completion ;n; im missing 7 CG’s in ‘other’ my the first page is missing 2 and the second page is missing 5

  33. Dest

    Hey there! Just wanted to say thanks so much for your wonderful guide, it’s sooo helpful. I’m almost finished with Caramia’s but I was wondering, which pure ending would you recommended I do first? A or b, or does it not really matter? Thanks in advance ^_^

  34. SeOn

    There is a part that has been giving me difficulty, but I finally got past it. I was having a hard time getting 100\%, mostly in the “Others” category of the CG gallery, 7 missing spots to be exact. I found the parts I was missing was the rest of the love triangles/transfer endings. So Axel to Kyrie, Kyrie to Axel, and also Caramia to Axel (but instead of actually switching to Axel, you stay with Caramia, denying Axel’s advances).

    So as for “Axel to Kyrie” and “Kyrie to Axel”, it is as above states. Choose to spend Sundays with the person you are going to transfer from, and during the everyday interactions you gain favor with the person you are going to switch to. There will be a moment where you will be able to either stay with the original choice or transfer to the other person you gained favor with.

    For example, if you were to start with Kyrie and transfer to Axel, you would choose to spend time with Kyrie on Sundays and during the rest of the weekdays you choose options that would make Axel happy. Then you will continue up to a point where a rivalry occurs, in this case between Kyrie and Axel. Now the choices at this point are rather obvious, if you wish to remain with Kyrie, stay loyal and answer in ways to gain favor with him. On the other hand if you wish to switch to Axel, choose the options that neglect Kyrie. Both routes will give you CGs and scenes so if you want all 100\% you will have to do these triangles.

    This applies to all of them, pretty much. But to remain with Caramia and deny Axel’s advances, you must answer;

    -It’ll be our secret.
    -Write a response
    -That’s very like you.
    -I feel kind of proud.
    -Do you think he’ll like it?
    -I want to go to the bookstore.
    -It’s not his fault.
    -I want to believe in him…

    Going this route will have you continue with Caramia, gaining a new CG. As you can see you stay with his likes, loyal to his feelings, believing in him. Meanwhile not doing so has you transfer. Similar goes for the rest of the love triangles. So as I had mentioned earlier, the ones in the “Other” category in the CG gallery I was missing was from these triangles. I hope this helps, I know it drove me nuts not knowing what I needed done.

  35. welcometowonderland

    Ohhh I had no idea!! Thanks so much for telling me; I’ll add it to the FAQ in case someone else is curious ;w;

  36. welcometowonderland

    Ahaha, I’m currently on lunch break, so I have to reply to everything before I disappear for several more hours!! TwT
    Also, I’m glad to be of help! Hope you’re enjoying the game, hehe

  37. Chiisana Tenshi

    Waw your replies are fast o//o
    gaaah, okay so i just need to follow your walktrough, i was afraid because i did the Caramia’s route first, and i got the 2 pure love endings with him (thanks to chuu;;) kinda was afraid i missed this ending, but i’ll do kyrie’s route and hop to caramia to have it~
    Anyway, thank you soooo sooo much for your hard work, and for sharing it wiv us, i’m literally GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR BLOG RN >///<;

  38. welcometowonderland

    Yes, so far, the triangles I have are Caramia vs Kyrie, Kyrie vs Caramia, and Caramia vs Axel T__T I’m not particularly fond of all this NTR haha, but I’m also OCD about finishing the gallery, fjfnskjfkf

  39. Chiisana Tenshi

    Did you unlock the one with Caramia and the MC cheating on him with Kyrie or not ? >//<;
    And sure ! You're more than welcome !~

  40. welcometowonderland

    Let me know how you like Yoshiwara!! My favorites are Takao and Hayabusa ^q^

  41. welcometowonderland

    Ehehe thank you! _(:3
    Grand Ending has one CG (should be the last one in “others”!)
    As for all CGs, I’m still missing a handful from “others” from the triangle routes I didn’t list in the walkthroughs T__T I’m currently trying to figure out a way to get them without rewriting the entire walkthrough ahhhhhh. I’ll try to finish tonight!

  42. welcometowonderland

    Thank you so much! I’m trying to figure out a way to get the other triangles without changing the walkthrough too much, ahhhHHHHH. I think I figured it out, but then I passed out last night, hahaha. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish today!

  43. Chiisana Tenshi

    Sooo, you precious thingy (because you so are ?!)
    If we just do as you said in these walktrough, we can acces to all the CG’s ?
    What about the “Grand Ending” ?

  44. Aurata

    The last CGs in ‘other’ are from the other triangle routes, if you miss some after playing the epilogue and grand ending! With the exception of Kyrie who has the same CG on two triangle dilemmas, each Oz boy has 4 extra CGs in the ‘other’ category.
    As in, Caramia has one for switching from Axel, switching from Kyrie, pure love with Kyrie as rival, and pure love with Axel as rival. Same with the two others.

    I noticed I got one extra of Kyrie during one of the ‘extra’ scenes that you unlock after finishing a route once, regardless of which of the two endings you get (in this case I think it was a transfer from Axel’s route to Kyrie’s that I then replayed for the remaining ending).

  45. welcometowonderland

    It’s from his Pure Love Ending A

  46. Mia

    I was wonder, how do you get Caramia’s 4th CG?

  47. welcometowonderland

    No worries at all; I enjoy talking to you!! ;w;
    I have! (Aside from the missing triangle routes) More or less, my ranking goes:
    1) Axel
    2) Caesar
    3) Kyrie / Pashet
    4) Caramia / Hamelin
    5) Robin Hood
    6) Scarlet
    7) Sou
    8) Brothel

    6-9 is more like I don’t care for those routes, so they’re last, haha. I think I would have liked Robin Hood way more if this game wasn’t so full of NTR T__T (idk if you’ve heard spoilers about Robin Hood yet? I’m not even sure if they’re spoilers, haha.)

    I feel like Hamelin is up my alley, so I wish there were more of him. Mostly, I feel sorry for him TwT

    Dorian is also very much my type (I like a lot of ossan characters, hehe), but the more I progressed into the brothel route, I was just so!!!!!!!! We could have had it all, haha

  48. sacae

    Sorry for more questions, but having done all routes what’s your ranking list?

  49. welcometowonderland

    If you ever played dramatical murder, I had the same feeling when I was going through the twins’ route, like. Going through laughing the entire time because I was like WTFFFFFFF

    I prefer Amnesia chick by like 1\%, haha. I’m not a fan of hers either, but somehow, I can deal with blank slate personality more than someone who makes dumb choices, ahaha… haha… But I guess they both made dumb choices AHHHHH why

  50. sacae

    Brothel route doesn’t sound fun from all I hear xD So now you prefer Amesia chick?

  51. welcometowonderland

    I’m so picky with my protags; it’s really hard for me to find one that I truly like, haha. At first I preferred her over Amnesia protag, but then I did the Brothel route and was totally exasperated, ahaha… But I’m still enjoying the game ^o^

    I’m looking forward to finding the other love triangles, ahaha (kidding). I thought I was done last night, and when I checked my CGs, I was like!! No!!!!!! I wanted to go back to playing Fire Emblem TwT

  52. sacae

    I was hoping for yuri, oh well. I’ll take BBF then. Yea I’m in Axel route for my first route and Fuka be silly. I hate the whole “If they want me, I’ll give myself up to let him go”. But at least she has a personality unlike Amenisa girl.

    Saw the love triangle update, likely even if I don’t have saves for branching of this Axel route for the triangles – there is a skip read button!

    Again thanks for all the hard work.

  53. welcometowonderland

    Oops, I hit reply too soon ;w; TBH she’s one of my favorite routes; it’s how I usually prefer my female routes. somehow she makes Fuka ten times more bearable, haha.

  54. welcometowonderland

    No, she’s just like a BFF route

  55. sacae

    She isn’t Yuri? T_T

  56. sacae

    Oh, I already own all three on steam, so no reason for free chapters ? (and I like me R18 stuff whoa) I’ll try Yoshiwaa first then.

  57. welcometowonderland

    Oh I forgot Ougiya was out! I was waffling between getting the steam version or mobile (since I played mobile for Kikuya) when it was announced, and then I completely forgot about it, haha. I really enjoyed Kikuya; I like the role switch of Yoshiwara district. It’s r18 text though, in case you don’t prefer games like that, hehe. But the art is really pretty! I’m not sure if the steam version offers the first chapters for free, but maybe try a chapter to see how you like it? (The mobile version seemed like it was translated by someone whose native language isn’t English haha, so idk if they ever fixed that for steam)

    As for Destiny’s Princess, I went into that game because I love Sengoku-themed games, but it wasn’t really what I was expecting? Most of the endings aren’t very happy. I don’t hate the game or anything, but it didn’t really leave an impression on me either. Though this game seems to have a lot of mixed reactions, haha. There was someone who commented on my post who was super livid over Hanbei because I had told someone else maybe they should start with Hanbei first (or something like that), and they went off on how Hanbei was about emotional blackmail, and I was just like, omg. And then I’ve seen people who loved the angst… I’m sorry I can’t give you a better review of Destiny’s Princess ahaha…

  58. sacae

    Oh joy I’ll be a house ruiner that route. lol

  59. sacae

    There are three Forbidden Romance games I have on steam. The one you names, Destiny’s Princess, and the one you named but subtitled with something else. One is The Men of Yoshoiwara: Kikuya and the other The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya. How are these three compared?

  60. welcometowonderland

    Also, yes, he’s the married guy, ahaha. I was interested in him at first, since I really liked Saint Germaine in Code Realize. I thought maybe there was some kind of mystery to him, but I’m not particularly interested in sniping a married man from another woman, ahaha

  61. welcometowonderland

    Everything listed on Caramia’s (or the respective character’s) walkthrough is for him. So when you open Kyrie’s save file and continue with those answers, you will get the Kyrie vs Caramia love triangle endings (with Caramia being the guy in the end).

  62. welcometowonderland

    I enjoyed playing the Forbidden Romance games, namely Gyakuten Yoshiwara! I think it’s The Men of Yoshiwara in English, I always forget ;w; There’s that and Hatoful Boyfriend, which I also enjoyed, ahaha. I’m not sure what else is on Steam aside from OELVNs, but I don’t usually play those.

  63. Chiisana Tenshi

    Hii, so i tried to do as you said in your walktrough, but i’m a little confused about the love triangle.
    As for Caramia’s Route, I don’t get this part :

    (Open Save File 2 for Kyrie)

    – I like it!
    – Let’s link arms
    – You’re so mean…
    – I don’t really know…

    Like, does it come to an end after this ? Or, does it complete one of Caramia’s ending ?

  64. sacae

    Also I haven’t been spoiled about Robin Hood….unless he is the married guy? I know someone is married.

    I couldnt stand Amnesia lack of personality so much I didn’t keep playing. Seeing that you have a guide for it I may try it again. That and the Forbidden Romance games on Steam. Which Otome game on Steam would you recommend next? I need something after I finish up Tokyo Babel.

  65. sacae

    Magical 9. Thanks for the rankings. ?

  66. Reina

    You’re welcome! I think it’s worth a shot trying to get the transferred ending from different characters xD
    At least, you can see different love triangles there :3

  67. welcometowonderland

    Yup, you only need to do it once! ?

  68. sacae

    Ah, so there is no reason to do Caramia transfer on both routes? The first guy doesn’t change the story? And thanks.

  69. welcometowonderland

    Also, no updates on the extra scenes yet ;A; I had work today, so I’m going to do the last three walkthroughs before I go back to check for extra routes!

  70. welcometowonderland

    Yes, so from what I understand, you can have any combination of love triangles for the Oz boys. For example, you aim for Caramia first, get to his confession scene, and accept. Right after that, you need to answer certain questions in order to not lock yourself into Caramia’s Pure Love ending. And if you’re able to get the Love Triangle/Transferred route, the rival is determined by the person who has the second highest affection.

    So in this walkthrough, I did Kyrie’s route as the main route and got Caramia as the rival. But you can do just the same with Axel as the main guy and Caramia as the rival. The answer choices and CGs will be the same for the rival.

    Hope that wasn’t too confusing!

  71. sacae

    Cool, I’ll save those two for last, but for sure want to mix it up. Thanks.

  72. welcometowonderland

    Yes! I think it’s just recommended to do the Oz guys first to establish setting, but it really doesn’t matter. Caesar and Sou will get pretty confusing if they’re not last, but other than that, feel free to mix it up! hehe

  73. sacae

    Is it alright to not do all three OZ routes first? Like if I do Axel, then a side route, then another OZ and switch it up? (sorry for all these question) It sounds mostly like there isn’t an order but to do So and Casear last.

  74. welcometowonderland

    I’m not finished with the game yet, but so far, she doesn’t die. As far as not sticking to one person, I think it’ll still lock you into one route toward the end of the game, whoever has the highest affection. (I could be wrong about this though, but I haven’t heard of any real “bad” ending that’s a result of low affection.)

  75. Courtney Chadwick-Annan

    Have you found any bad endings (I haven’t done all of the playthroughs so if there’s spoilers you don’t have to tell me) in the sense that the MC dies? Or do you know what happens if you don’t stick to one person? I played an otome game called X-Note and if you didn’t pick a guy’s route after a certain amount of days, you would be killed. The same thing happened in Hatoful Boyfriend.

  76. sacae

    Im not sure I understand the last two comments. So doing Caramia transferred ending from both Axel and Kyrie’s route? But is it still worth doing both ways are are things pretty much the same? If I make sense.

    Also, any updates on my last question?

  77. Assyn

    Thank you so much for the walkthroughs! I did Robin Hood and Axel’s routes blindly. Totally got the love triangle for Axel by accident, which took me by surprise. Walkthroughs really put me at ease because I totally agonize over options.

  78. welcometowonderland

    Yay, thanks for letting me know! There was a comment on the Axel walkthrough that gave me a heads-up on the different combinations of love triangle endings, haha. I was mostly curious to see if the answer choices were the same, so thanks so much for telling me!! ;w;

  79. Reina

    I think we can get Caramia’s transferred endings from Axel’s route too! At least that what I did. OwO
    I haven’t played transferred endings from Kyrie’s route, but looking at the answer choices, they are the same!

  80. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    Oh okay that makes sense! Thanks so much!!!

  81. sacae

    Well, I’m just going to wait a few days, cause they are aware of the possible issue. If not I’ll play it either way, When I do your walkthroughs will be a godsend.

  82. welcometowonderland

    I’m glad to be of help!! ;w; Also, who did you go for first!?!? Do you have a favorite yet? *w*

  83. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    Thank you so much lol I couldn’t get Caramia’s good end

  84. welcometowonderland

    I’m not sure if there’s really a good spot to really consider a “common route” ;A; I know it’s super tedious, haha. Like the only parts I think that are the same for everyone are up until the name select or up until your first time choosing with whom to time. I’ve just had it on “skip read,” haha.

  85. welcometowonderland

    Sounds great, I’ll send message you on Twitter once I find out! I’m @ dolceconaffetto ;w;
    Actually, full-screen is a little blurry for me as well ;A; I never played Ozmafia in Japanese, so I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the original as well or not.
    But no worries! I’m working on Pashet right now, so I’ll circle back to see if there are any extra scenes once I finish ^o^

  86. sacae

    I’m @Sacae89 on twitter. I haven’t fully started the game yet myself. I’m waiting to see if they can fix fullscreen a bit (a tad blurry for me). Was looking for a good guide to help me out, this looks great.

    Mind you that bit on new scenes may be wrong, quoted it from the steam thread. Sorry if so.

  87. welcometowonderland

    Yes, sure thing! I’ll comment on this thread (or will it be easier to reach you elsewhere? Like Twitter? ;w;)

  88. sacae

    Can you update me when you find out? ?

  89. welcometowonderland

    Oh I actually haven’t heard this! I’ll confirm this later once I’ve finished everyone’s route, unless someone beats me to finding the answer, haha. Thanks for letting me know!

  90. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    Haha nvm sory I figured it out:) I did want to know if there was a way we could select a character right away instead of having to go through the whole thing again?

  91. sacae

    Hey, I heard that if you finish a route it unlock new scenes if you go through that route again? Referring to this I read:

    “however, completing a route unlocks bonus side scenes on your second playthrough through the same route. These bonus side scenes are after nearly every original scene and are often just as long, if not actually longer, than the original scene they accompany. I’d say if someone did a playthrough of every route to one ending, then played through all the routes a second time to catch all the extra scenes and the second ending, you’re looking at at least 30 hours to trawl through all the content Ozmafia has to offer.”

    Is this true and does these walkthroughs lead to the new scenes?

  92. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    Hello, and sorry ahaha. So, when I’m done with Caramia’s route, I open save 2. This leads me back to accepting or rejecting Caramia. How does this lead to Kyrie’s route as listed on this page? Do I have to start Kyrie’s route and somehow come back to this later? Sorry again and thank you for taking the time to do this! XD

  93. welcometowonderland

    No you don’t have to, but I guess it’s suggested to, just do you can have the save files handy?

  94. Serenve

    So we have to finish each Oz guys route BEFORE ‘transferring’?

  95. insightblue

    I’m currently working my way through Norn9 (been having laptop issues), but I plan to play this next! Probably will start with Caramia. Who did you like the best so far??

  96. welcometowonderland

    I’m glad I can help!! I was about to go into this game blindly because I thought it would be more fun with all the choices, but then I was like. Nope, I don’t have time for this LOL

  97. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    OOOO I see thank you sooo much! I finsihed 3 routes but not Kyries. Thanks so much, you saved me!

  98. welcometowonderland

    I have all of them? Did you do his love triangle route yet? You would have to start Kyrie’s route first before hopping back to Caramia.

  99. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    There are 3 missing CG’s on Caramia’s route.

  100. darwinawardjudge

    Just got the game, super appreciate someone doing walthroughs while I screw up my heroines life XD

  101. insightblue

    Wow, you weren’t kidding about the number of choices/paths! Thank you so much for having your walkthroughs. It is greatly appreciated!!

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