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I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even caught up with After School Affairs, and here we are with another Voltage game!  (That’s a partial lie because I just prioritize Fire Emblem and Miitomo, haha.)

You are transferring to a new high school, but you were unaware that this school was formerly an all-boys school. To top it off, you’re the only female student! And you’re also staying in the dorm with five boys since your parents moved overseas.



I don’t have a lot of screencaps because I plowed through the prologue quickly again (and I don’t want to turn on my piece of shit laptop right now to edit images, haha, so I’m sorry for the messy post! (Also, wow, I really hate the WordPress app… I feel like it’s only good for replying to comments)

The dialogue boxes are really cute! I like how they become speech bubbles for you and whoever you’re speaking to.

Will he be a route…

I’m also tickled at how the sprites zoom off the screen and zoom toward you, haha



┌(┌՞ਊ՞)┐I’m here

I usually play the prologue of a Voltage game in Japanese to get a feel for the game, but I didn’t this time because I wasn’t interested in another game set in high school at first (because I’m an old lady who has been out of high school for so long… Even though I enjoyed Dreamy Days in West Tokyo and Class Trip Crush, haha). So I was basically going into this game blindly, but I ended up liking what I saw from the prologue! The art looks cute, and it felt lighthearted. I thought I was going to put off playing this until I was done with Fire Emblem (LOL when will that be), but I think I’ll play a route this weekend. I like the tsun and Keiichirou so far ^q^


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  1. Lehst

    I just came across this game. I was pleasantly surprised by it too. The interface is cute and the bgm’s aren’t annoying (the loops are long enough and they change tracks enough so it doesn’t get stale.)

    I want to hang out with the feisty Yu. I love the genki ones that have an infectious smile x3. But it’s rare I get a Voltage game; I usually just try them out and pass on them for games with VA’s or go back to other genres of video games altogether lol.

    Did you end up playing a route?

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