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I just came back from the midnight release of Fire Emblem: Fates, only to find that Voltage released their new game tonight, too! And I have work in the morning… (screams)
(I’ll have to edit this post later with proper images, so please excuse the mess!)

But yay! New game! About romance between teachers, and the characters are by the same artist as Kiss of Revenge and Finally, in Love Again!

You’re a teacher at an all-boys’ school (with a reputation for being full of delinquents), and this school is located next to a prestigious all-girls’ school. The school where you teach is suffering from a financial crisis, so it merged with the all-girls’ school, under the conditions that the boys must improve their academics and that there will be no dating allowed, including for teachers.



Ah, so the eccentric type.

Gap moe!! Is this gap moe!! He shows his “sloppy” side outside of work!!

So megane… ^q^

Slams fist on table. I know that rough-around-the-edges-but-is-actually-a-softie trope is overplayed, but I LOVE IT

I’m looking forward to this game, just because I’m interested in the physics, math, and English teachers… And because I’m a fan of the artist who did the character designs!

I hope MC won’t make me want to rip my hair out, though… I might give her a pass at not realizing that the English teacher is indeed her favorite translator, but not realizing the math teacher is the same “sloppy” person who rescued her from the drunkard is a little… Ugh… I mean, I guess MC not realizing this sloppy person is the same as the clean-cut professional coworker is similar to Tsumugu in Our Two Bedroom Story, but it’s just getting a little tiring, I guess…

Anyway, sorry I haven’t been very active with this blog… (cries)
Work is just killing me, so I hope my schedule will change soon… If there’s a walkthrough you’re looking for (I know I’m behind on a lot), please let me know!

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  1. welcometowonderland

    You have to purchase it… These games are only free for the first episode

  2. Vini Chowdhury

    can u please help me?
    then plzz say how can I proceed to Episode 2 of Season 1?

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