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Please see Kakeru’s walkthrough for the FAQ and trophy info!
Answers in pink will increase affection.

Ron’s route will unlock once you’ve finished either Heishi or Akito’s route.

Ron’s endings are a little more complicated than the other routes.
Follow the pink answers to get the HAPPY ENDING.
Follow the purple answers and choose “Take me with you!” in Chapter 6 to get the TRAGIC ENDING.
Follow the purple answers and DO NOT choose “Take me with you!” in Chapter 6 to get the BAD ENDING.


CV: Sugita Tomokazu

Heroine: Nanami
Keywords: Greeting, kiss

Chapter 2

Take some
– Ignore him

I might actually stab you
– You make me want to vomit

– Watch (Obtain: Hiyoko Channel #12 [The Kids])
– Don’t watch

Chapter 3

– We won’t make it back to the ship
I don’t want to be a burden

– I don’t want to live
– I don’t want to die

– It’s just
It’s evil
I don’t know what it is

Reluctantly agree to hold his hand
– Hold onto his shirt

Chapter 4

– Talk about ourselves
Get some common sense
– It’s impossible

– Knock
– Don’t knock

Slap him awake
– Throw off his sheet

– Let me out

– Kick him

Chapter 5

– Leave without saying a word
Make a sarcastic comment

I’m fine
Your sunglasses are hurting me

– Watch (Obtain: Hiyoko Channel #11 [AB-Types])
– Don’t watch

Chapter 6

Take me with you!
(9 second time limit)


– Tragic Ending (note: this ending has a CG)
– Bad Ending

– Happy Ending

Actually, I’m not sure if the Tragic Ending is actually called tragic or what… But I’ve seen other people refer to it as so, so I’m going with it!

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  1. Lissy

    First of all, thanks for your awesome walkthrough! But I do have a problem… I just finished Ron’s route, but I just can’t seem to get his bad end… I’m always either getting the good end or the tragic one even though I followed the guide, so I’m starting to wonder if there even is a third end? I’m getting kinda desperate haha, I hope you could help me out ._.

  2. welcometowonderland

    Sorry for my super late reply! Norn9 also felt short to me, but I think it’s because it’s divided across three protagonists and nine routes. Total game length feels roughly the same to me as most otoge/visual novels. But I think I enjoyed Norn9 more than Amnesia because it’s more lighthearted ;w; How about you!

  3. DearEdelBlau

    I love your guides, thank you so much! Norn9 is short like it seems? I’m taking Amnesia as comparison. What do you think?

  4. welcometowonderland

    Thank you for visiting!! I’m glad to be of help ;w; how are you liking norn9 so far!

  5. ojthebowl

    Wow u finished them all .. thanks alot ?
    I’ve been following your blog for a while, I never expected to find a guide when the game just released xD
    And you updated the guide everyday .. I’m really grateful ?
    I’m playing the game too it’s so beautiful :^: .. I finished Kakeru/Senri/Sakuya and I’m doing Heishi right now. I’m relying on your guide to finish the rest :0:

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