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Please see Kakeru’s walkthrough for the FAQ and trophy info!
Answers in pink will increase affection.

Natsuhiko’s route will unlock after finishing either Sakuya or Itsuki’s route.


CV: Ono Daisuke

Heroine: Mikoto
Keywords: Uh-huh, reward

Chapter 2

– Give it to him
– Refuse to give it to him
Although neither answer will raise affection, choose “Give it to him” to obtain all CGs 

Chapter 3

– Watch (Obtain: Hiyoko Channel #7 [Nanami])
– Don’t watch

Chapter 4

Take the initiative
– Wait for his move

– Spoon feeding

– I questioned nothing
– The World did not order the journey
Someone was defying The World’s orders

We had been flying in circles
– We were all traitors to The World
– I do not want to think about this

– Quietly do as he says
Refuse to do so

Chapter 5

– Because I hate him
Because people who are suffering need me

– Ignore him and move away

– That is important
– That is a waste of time

– I will stay here
– I want to go with you

Chapter 6

Stare at him silently
– Ask him questions

– … still mad at me?
… going out to look at the stars?

– Altair
– Arcturus
– Al Dhanab

– Deneb
– Sirius

You are so kind
– You are so clumsy

Chapter 7

– Be honest
– Dodge the question


Bad Ending
– Happy Ending

To get the Bad Ending, simply have low affection by not choosing the pink answers.

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Comments: 5
  1. orchidork

    hi. i had a question. while playing a rerun of chapter 4, during the 3rd and 4th choices (which appear back to back), did those choices keep repeating for you unless you chose the answers in pink? that kept happening to me. unless i picked “someone was defying The World’s orders” and “We had been flying in circles”, it would loop me back to the original 3rd and 4th choices in chapter 4

  2. Britt

    OtomeFan is right! After completing the good and bad endings and the bonus story I was still missing 3 CGs. Once I went back and chose “give it to him” and all the options for the happy ending I got an extra scene in chapter 7 that unlocked the CGs I was missing ?

  3. welcometowonderland

    Thank you! I double checked earlier today, and you guys are right, so I’ll edit the walkthrough. I think I wasn’t paying attention and chose “give it to him” while aiming for his bad ending, so that’s how I was able to get his trophy ahaha

  4. welcometowonderland

    Thank you! But I actually was able to get all his CGs even without choosing “give it to him”, as far as I can remember? I’ll double check, though!

  5. RandomOtomeFan

    Just a quick comment- while it does not raise affection you need to select “give it to him” in chapter 2 to obtain all CGs. Picking that option unlocks an additional scene towards the end of chapter 7.

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