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Please see Kakeru’s walkthrough for the FAQ and trophy info!
Answers in pink will increase affection.


CV: Saiga Mitsuki

Heroine: Mikoto
Keywords: Jealousy, presents

Chapter 2

Reach for it
– Look for a step-stool

– Watch (Obtain: Hiyoko Channel #8 [A-Types])
– Don’t watch

Chapter 3

– Retort

– Continue using it
Grab the other spoon

Forget the candies
– Press the candy issue (GAME OVER: “3 Konpeitou” Ending)

– I would keep wishing it
– I would give up on it

Chapter 4

– Bluff and allay his fears
Express your true feelings

– Reveal his powers
Keep his powers secret

Chapter 5

– Search for clues
Not bother to search for clues

– I want to be with you
– We should go our separate ways
(Only appears if you chose “Not bother to search for clues” previously)

– Please stay
– …

Chapter 6

– First floor
Third floor

Yes, I will
– Nope
(4 second time limit)

– The matter of the traitor
– Everyone else’s situations
Sakuya’s future


– “3 Konpeitou” Ending
– Bad Ending
– Happy Ending

To get the Bad Ending, simply have low affection by not choosing the pink answers.

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