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Please see Kakeru’s walkthrough for the FAQ and trophy info!
Answers in pink will increase affection.

Masamune’s route will unlock after finishing either Kakeru or Senri’s route first.


CV: Satou Takuya

Heroine: Koharu
Keywords: Powers, love

Chapter 2

I’m fine
– I’m a bit tired

Chapter 3

– Take his advice and leave
Don’t listen and stay

Try baking by yourself
– Ask Heishi for help (GAME OVER: “Masamune Empire” Ending)

Chapter 4

– They make you look handsome
That only I ever get to see them

– Watch (Obtain: Hiyoko Channel #9 [B-Types])
– Don’t watch

– Go inside
Don’t go inside

(Only appears if you answered “Go inside”)
– Go for it
– On second thought…

(Only appears if you answered “Go inside” > “Go for it”)
– No regrets! Go for it! (GAME OVER: “Ron and Itsuki Get Beaten Up” Ending)
– On third thought… 

Chapter 5

– I’m all right
I was terrified

– Hand him a cookie
Do nothing

Chapter 6

– I’ll be thinking about you
I’ll be thinking about the future

Ruffle his hair
– Give him a massage

– Watch (Obtain: Hiyoko Channel #5 [Koharu])
– Don’t watch 

– Tell the truth
– Lie to the gross guy

– Ask about his duty
Say nothing


– “Masamune Empire” Ending
– “Ron and Itsuki Get Beaten Up” Ending (note: this ending has a CG)
– Bad Ending
– Love Ending

To get the “Ron and Itsuki Get Beaten Up” Ending, follow these answer choices in Chapter 4:
Go inside > Go for it > No regrets! Go for it!
(remember to make a save file before “Go inside” if you want to continue)

To get the Bad Ending, simply have low affection by not choosing the pink answers.

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