Norn9: Var Commons – Senri walkthrough

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Please see Kakeru’s walkthrough for the FAQ and trophy info!
Answers in pink will increase affection.


CV: Shimono Hiro

Heroine: Koharu
Keywords: Sadness, heroine

Chapter 2

Reply honestly
– Lie to Kakeru’s face

Agree with Senri
– Disagree with Senri

Chapter 3

Yes, I would be
– No, I wouldn’t

– Let’s do this
Let Senri take a break

Chapter 4

– See Senri’s side
See Akito’s side

Say Senri’s name
– Wipe your tears away
(9 second time limit)

Chapter 5

– Flee

– Go with him
Don’t go with him

Chapter 6

Because I’m secure now
– Because it’s good for you

– Watch (Obtain: Hiyoko Channel #2 [18 year olds])
– Don’t watch 

– No, it doesn’t

I’m sorry
– …
(9 second time limit)


Bad Ending
– Happy Ending

To obtain the Bad Ending, simply have low affection by not choosing the pink answers.

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