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This game has three protagonists. Each protagonist has three unique routes. Choose the correct heroine to pursue the route you’re interested in.

High affection will lead to Happy Endings, and low affection will lead to Bad Endings. Answers in pink will increase your affection.
You will get trophies for getting each character’s Happy Ending.

Some answer choices have time limits. (These will be noted within the walkthroughs.)

All Happy and Bad Endings have CGs.
Any other endings with CGs will be noted within the walkthroughs.
You will also need to purchase and read each character’s short story in the NORN9 STORE to obtain all CGs. The short stories will be available for purchase once you obtain the respective character’s Happy Ending.
Viewing the Epilogue will also give you the last Misc. CG.
You will get trophies for viewing each character and Misc. CGs.

After clearing all nine Happy Endings, “Epilogue” will be added to the prologue. (Start a new game and choose “Explore the ship by yourself.”)

You will get trophies for viewing all movies. (I believe this only includes the opening and ending movies.)

You can purchase extra content in the NORN9 STORE with points earned from obtaining the Happy Endings and Epilogue.
You can also obtain additional points from playing Norn9 Quest.
All items in the store will unlock once you’ve cleared all routes, finished the epilogue, and started Norn9 Quest.
You will get a trophy for buying everything in the store.

You will get a trophy for unlocking all BGMs. (Not sure if this just means you need to buy the BGMs from the store? Or if you have to do something else…)

Keywords are for the Norn+Ensemble mini-game. They will be unlocked throughout the course of each character’s story. Norn+Ensemble is unlocked after clearing one route.
You will get a trophy for unlocking all keywords.

Hiyoko Channel events will be unlocked throughout the course of each character’s route (as long as you view them at least once). Where to obtain events will be listed in the walkthroughs.
You will get a trophy for obtaining all Hiyoko Channel scenes.

How to unlock Norn9 Quest:

In the menu, go to “New Contents” and hover over “???”
You’ll see the ship floating in the top right corner. Tap on this twice to start Norn9 Quest.
You will get a trophy for getting over 5000 total points in Norn9 Quest.


CV: Kaji Yuuki

Heroine: Koharu
Keywords: Introduction, declaration

Chapter 2

Reply honestly
– Evade the question

– He’s joking
He’s… not joking

Chapter 3

Be happy
– Be demure

– Eat everything
Don’t finish
(9 second time limit)

– Watch (Obtain: Hiyoko Channel #3 [19 year olds])
– Don’t watch

Chapter 4

– Pretend not to notice
Point it out

– We aren’t really friends yet
– …

You smile that empty smile
– You don’t tell me anything
(This answer choice will only appear if you chose “We aren’t really friends yet” previously)

– Leave him be
Touch his back
(9 second time limit)

Chapter 5

– Make small talk
Look at Yuiga

– Cheer up! (GAME OVER: “The Gears Begin to Turn” Ending)
– Just be the real you

– Step away from Yuiga
Stay close

Chapter 6

Open the door
– Don’t open the door
(4 second time limit)

Act embarrassed
– Smile brightly


– “The Gears Begin to Turn” Ending
– Bad Ending
– Happy Ending

To get the Bad Ending, simply have low affection by not choosing the pink answers.

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  1. welcometowonderland

    Ahhh thank you for commenting, I completely forgot to edit that in the FAQ! ;w;

  2. peachandrabbit

    I’m guessing you’ve already figured this out by now, but just in case, you might like to know that the trophy you get for the BGMs comes just from buying them from the store. That’s all you have to do- you needn’t even listen to them. One of the easiest trophies to get! ?

  3. welcometowonderland

    The retro feeling from DMMd was so cute!! I really liked it, hehe. I wouldn’t mind if they keep doing it in VNs as something extra ;w;

  4. Lehst

    Ehehe, I tried it a few more times. XD I see now, but I’ll never forget that first time where I got screwed haha. So far I only got points if I pick a girl. But later when I’m not trying so hard to keep points I really want to see the boys troll each other as you guys say. The fact that this retro game is in the visual novel reminds me of the fake one for Dramatical Murder. Hehe will this be a trend for VN’s ? If only. XD

  5. welcometowonderland

    Yes, you’re supposed to be able to earn points. You’ll get negatives from time to time, but the points will accumulate.

  6. Lehst

    Was trying to look up some info on Norn Quest. I haven’t even gotten thru one story yet so I’m just scoping it out a bit I guess. So it IS possible to earn points? I tried it and just got all negatives… I was left thinking… “Um… was this just a scam??? A malicious joke?” tho it was funny xD

  7. welcometowonderland

    It’s not just you! I feel like they’re such trolls, haha…

  8. Scarlett

    Speaking of Norn9 Quest… is it just me or does Heishi and Masamune have the worst interactions. I kept getting -80 to -160 rofl

  9. quaintnotion

    I see it now! Sorry, I totally missed that when I was looking through the faq. Thank you!

  10. welcometowonderland

    I wrote this above in the FAQ, along with a screenshot.

  11. quaintnotion

    How exactly do I unlock the Norn9 Quest? I’ve played through all the routes and it hasn’t unlocked. Is there something else I need to do?

  12. welcometowonderland

    Honestly, I don’t think there’s really a point, hahaha. Probably just something cute and light-hearted? I enjoy watching the guys troll each other though, hehe ;w;

  13. Keiji

    That’s a relief! I was worried for a moment…I don’t want to diss the game, but what exactly is the point of that Norn9 quest? xD

  14. welcometowonderland

    Yes, it’s cumulative! (Let me double check though, haha… I’m pretty sure it’s cumulative because I also spent some points before reaching 5000.)

  15. Keiji

    Hello! I was wondering if the Norn9 Quest Master Trophy is cumulative? I’ve used up some of the points that I’ve gained playing through some of the routes, will it still count towards the 5,000 points required for the trophy or will I have to gain 5,000 points and keep it untouched to unlock the trophy?

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