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A new release from Voltage!

I was pretty excited about this game since its Japanese release (how can I say no to butlers?), but my excitement for Voltage has been tanking lately because of several reasons… Namely, My Last First Kiss was everything I love, but the translation and editing (especially editing) were so awful… The grammar was so sloppy that it made it really difficult to read and even finish the story. It took me a week to finish Makoto’s story because all the comma splices kept slowing me down. Maybe I’ve become really picky about this kind of thing since starting to work as a translator, and everyone might not feel the same way as I do. But I was disappointed enough to where I cut my usual spending on mobile games in half in the past few weeks, haha…

That being said, Butler Until Midnight is such an improvement from My Last First Kiss!! Thank you for restoring my faith, and bless the people who worked on this game. Thank you for taking the time to clean up typos and errors before publishing!! And thank you for not making me shave my head in frustration.

Anyway!! Butler Until Midnight starts with you moving to Tokyo for a new job. You were kind of manipulated into signing your lease with some fine print you missed: you have to agree to let a butler train you into a lady fit for society because your father (a man working overseas who you haven’t ever seen) asked these butlers to do so. These butlers may seem like proper butlers during the day, but they completely cast away their butler persona once the clock hits midnight.

02-yuuma-butler-until-midnight 03-aoi-butler-until-midnight 04-tomoki-butler-until-midnight 05-kyou-butler-until-midnight 06-itsuki-butler-until-midnight



09-butler-until-midnight 10-butler-until-midnight






This is the dream



This guy seems SO MEGANE


Yuuma and Tomoki seem most like my types ;w; I’m halfway through Yuuma’s route and am really enjoying it!!

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