Storm Lover Kai!! – Souya walkthrough

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Disclaimer: All info are from the Japanese wiki and from my own gameplay. Not all text will exactly match the English patch, but I’ll try to fix it as I play. If you spot any mistakes or know any missing info, please let me know!

Some info is missing since the Japanese wiki I was using was for the original Storm Lover and not Kai, so some Kai exclusive things are missing, and I don’t know how what they are yet.

I didn’t list the answers for events since you can see your increase/decrease in affection easily. Remember to save right before answering in case you accidentally choose the wrong answer. (It’s kind of fun seeing the different responses, too!)

Regarding text messages, I’m not sure how random they are, so not all of them are listed. I listed the texts I received during my gameplay and the answers I chose. The dates might not be exact with your own gameplay since some things vary, like level of affection, whether or not you’re a baka couple, things like that.


Tatsuhara Souya (CV: Miyano Mamoru)
Birthday: October 10
Blood type: B
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Chinese
Favorite place: Sea


1. Motorcycle

This CG has two parts.

First CG
Date: April 4 or 5 

Location: School

Second CG
Date: On a weekend in May
Condition: Boyfriend with Souya, agree to go on a date earlier in the week

2. Because I’m the basketball man

Date: During the week in July
Condition: Boyfriend with Souya

3. After school kiss

Date: During the week in October
Condition: Boyfriend with Souya
Note: This event is random. Make a save file at the beginning of the month and reload if you’re not able to get it. The scene starts out with you in the teacher’s office talking to Tsukasa.
(Storm Lover Kai!! exclusive)

4. The sea’s summer night

Date: June (to August?)
Condition: Friend or above with Souya, accept his invitation
Note: The guide I was using seems to be wrong, possibly because this is Storm Lover Kai!! and not the original. I got this CG in June on a Sunday after going out. Souya will come over to your house and take you to the beach at night.

5. Fish-on

Date: On a weekend between June and September
Condition: Boyfriend with Souya
Answer choice: Go with him

6. Surfer Souya

Date: On a date in August
Condition: Boyfriend with Souya, agree to go on a date earlier in the week
Note: There are two distinct CGs to this event. One is of Surfer Souya up-close, and the other is of him surfing. You can also get the one of him surfing during the seaside school event (I think I got it during Kyousuke’s route). I don’t think the CG of Souya up-close is in the gallery, so if you want to keep it, you’ll need to screencap it!

7. Headlights

Date: October 11
Location: Arcade
Condition: Boyfriend with Souya, accompany him
(Storm Lover Kai!! exclusive)

8. Wise Crack Revolver

1/4 of this CG:
Date: On a weekend from April to June
Condition: Friend of above with Souya

2/4 of this CG:
Date: On a date in October
Condition: Boyfriend with Souya, agree to go on a date earlier in the week
Answer choice: Too bad, but it’s okay

3/4 of this CG:
Date: On a weekend in October
Condition: Boyfriend with Souya
Note: I actually got this the day after 2/34of this CG, haha. (I might have gotten 2/4 and 3/4 mixed up… but I got both in October.)

9. Morning sun’s kiss

Date: At home on a weekend between November and February
Condition: Boyfriend with Souya, agree to go

10. The past

11. Ending A

12. Ramen

There are three parts to this CG.

1/3 of this CG:
Date: On a weekend between November and February
Condition: Friends or above with Souya, accept his invitation

13. Epilogue A

Date: December 25
Condition: Boyfriend with Takumi, agree to go on a date earlier in the week

14. Ending B

15. Epilogue B


Ending B is the true ending since it ties in with Souya’s side story.

Feeling Select events

Date: April 12
Location: Yard
Expression: (green)

Date: April 19
Location: 2nd year hallway
Expression: ? (red)

Date: April 25
Location: Cafe
Expression: ? (blue)

Date: September 5
Location: School
Expression: ? (red)

Text messages

April 9 Hi (one answer)
(day you start dating) Super happy~ (choose any answer)
(your birthday) Birthday (one answer)
April 14 Right I’m looking forward to it
April 19 (envelope)? Let’s keep texting each other
April 23 Riverbed He is mysterious
April 25 Good evening I was about to text you
May 7 Live I’ll go next time
May 24 Time to sleep I love you
May 31 Hey Okay!
June 2 Wet I wanna see that
June 4 Lyric I want to read your lyrics
June 7 Tests Leave it to me
June 9 Good evening That must be terrible
June 14 Shocked~ I’m glad you texted me
June 16 Can’t sleep I love you, too
June 21 Training Moderate muscles are nice
June 25 Rainy season If it’s sunny, I’ll go
June 28 Rikka I like a guy like you more
July 2 Bath Certainly
July 5 Practice Yes, I can
July 7 My hair Short hair might be good
July 9 Magazine Okay
July 12 Flustered You really love music
July 17 Hmm… Take a bath for a change of mood
July 23 Sleepy Don’t overdo it
August 2 Right now What I love most is you
August 16 Long line I don’t mind waiting
August 25 Now Do your best
August 30 Summer break~ It was too short
September 1 Location Please invite me to your concert
September 3 Serious Being good at music is enough
September 8 Game center As expected of you!
September 10 Conflict Keep pushing them
September 13 Do you… I’m so in love with you
September 15 Are you awake? I’m glad you say that
September 27 What to eat Eat me
September 29 Unfair I agree
October 4 October Me?
October 6 Rikka For me, it’s fun to be with you
October 25 Difficult Just talk to him honestly!
October 29 Halloween I’ll send photos to you
November 1 Earlier You’re popular among them, too
November 5 Maintenance It can’t be helped
November 8 Oh no I’m worried
November 12 Ushigi Naomi I’m happy to hear that
November 15 Basketball Do your best
November 17 * Guitar Do your best
December 1 Done Then what about me?
December 3 Assignment I don’t want us to be separated
December 12 Cold Let me warm you up
December 15 I’m hungry I’m glad you asked me
December 22 Food I’ll cook for you now
December 26 By the way Cheer up
January 1 Happy New Year (one answer)
January 12 Childish You’re mature and cool
January 14 Snow Let’s watch it together
January 21 I’m bored~ Shall we play together?
January 24 Goodnight~ Goodnight. Chu
January 26 Hey Thanks
January 31 Lost property I know you won’t do anything bad
February 4 Almost Sure
February 7 Stress Let’s be together
February 19 Hey I also want to
February 23 Tonight I want to, but I don’t have time
February 27 Police I’m looking forward to it!

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