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Disclaimer: All info are from the Japanese wiki and from my own gameplay. Not all text will exactly match the English patch, but I’ll try to fix it as I play. If you spot any mistakes or know any missing info, please let me know!

I didn’t list the answers for events since you can see your increase/decrease in affection easily. Remember to save right before answering in case you accidentally choose the wrong answer. (It’s kind of fun seeing the different responses, too!)

Regarding text messages, I’m not sure how random they are, so not all of them are listed. I listed the texts I received during my gameplay and the answers I chose. The dates might not be exact with your own gameplay since some things vary, like level of affection, whether or not you’re a baka couple, things like that.


Mikoshiba Kyousuke (CV: Terashima Takuma)
Birthday: June 9
Blood type: 0
Height: 178cm
Weight: 70kg
Favorite color: Red
Favorite food: Japanese
Favorite place: Park


1. Kitten rescue

Date: April 9
Location: Yard (at school)

Condition: Do NOT meet Kyousuke before school starts. This must be the first time you’re meeting him.

2. Bentou present

Date: During the week in June
Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke

3. Osotogari

Date: During the week in November
Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke

4. Bicycle

Date: During the week in October (I got this event on October 4)
Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke
Note: I think this event is random, so make a save file at the beginning of October and reload if you’re not able to get this event. You’ll know it’s the right event when you talk to Wakana after school and wonder where Kyousuke went.
(Storm Love Kai!! exclusive)

5. Mikoshiba sleepover

Date: Between August and September (I got this CG on August 14, so I’m not sure if it needs to be a weekend or not. You’ll know it’s the right event when you’re at home, and something hits your window.)
Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke
Answer choice: “… Just tonight, okay?”

6. Summer festival

Date: On a weekend in June (I got this CG on June 5)
Condition: Friend or above with Kyousuke
Note: If you’re just friends with Kyousuke, you can get this CG by going out on a weekend and meeting with Kyousuke. (If this is wrong, please let me know!) If you’re dating Kyousuke, you can arrange a date with him during the week, and the date will lead to the summer festival.

7. Cooking with two people

Date: Between November to February
Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke, invite him over
Note: I’m not sure how random this event is. I got this CG on a weekend after going out. You’ll know it’s the right event when you start talking about cooking and should invite Kyousuke over for all the things he has done for you.

8. Irresistible

Date: May (I got this CG on May 22)
Location: Riverbed

Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke, choose to accompany him
(Storm Lover Kai!! exclusive)

9. Snowboarding together

Date: A weekend in December
Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke, agree to go on a date earlier in the week

10. Christmas skating

Date: December 25
Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke, agree to go on a date earlier in the week

11. First match

Date: March 6
Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke
Note: Only appears on the path to Ending A (answer “Aim to be a champion!” on January 2)

12. Free fall at the theme park

Date: On a weekend from June to September
Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke, accept his invitation (he’ll call you at home first)

13. Gym practice

Date: February 6
Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke,
Note: Only appears on the path to Ending A (answer “Aim to be a champion!” on January 2)

14. Ending A

Date: March
Condition: Answer “Aim to be a champion!” on January 2

15. Epilogue A

Condition: Will appear after credits after viewing Ending A

16. Ending B

Date: March
Condition: Answer “Go to the gym and apologize” on January 2

17. Epilogue B

Condition: Will appear after credits after viewing Ending A

Beaten up

Date: February 13
Condition: Boyfriend with Kyousuke, be on the path to Ending B
Note: For some reason, this CG isn’t in the gallery… So if you want to save this CG, remember to take a screenshot!


On January 2, you’ll view the first of Kyousuke main key events.

– Aim to be a champion! (Ending/epilogue A)
– Go to the gym and apologize (Ending/epilogue B)

Ending A is the happy ending since it ties in with Kyousuke’s side story.

Feeling Select events

Date: May 9
Location: Park
Expression: ? (blue)

Date: August 13
Location: Shopping arcade
Expression: ? (red)

Text messages

April 9 Text message (one answer)
(day you start dating) Let me tell you (choose any answer)
(your birthday) Happy birthday (one answer)
April 14 New town You are so kind
April 16 What’s up? I was about to text you
April 18 Troublesome It’s because you are reliable!
April 21 Midterm Thanks for telling me!
May 9 Homework Let’s do our best!
May 10 Holiday Let’s go on a date
May 12 Oh, right I’m worried, too
May 17 Honey lemon Really? Thanks~
May 31 Sweets I wanna eat it!
June 2 Strawberry Thanks. I love jam
June 7 (no subject) I bet Mio-kun knows what to do
June 9 Rain I also feel good because of you
June 14 Live I want to go with you
June 16 Tired Don’t overdo it, okay?
June 23 Rikka You must protect me
June 27 Tired I wanna help you
July 2 AC Thanks
July 5 Hah… They are noisy at times
July 7 A cold You must rest well
July 9 Class Thanks for caring about me
July 10 Lunch I’m worried about him
July 12 Worn out Rest well
July 21 Yo Goodnight
July 24 Itchy You have my condolences
August 13 Noisy You are more popular
August 6 Lately Cold noodles are delicious
August 16 Insect Let’s go find out tonight
August 18 Annoying They remind us of summer
August 23 Dinner That sounds delicious
August 27 Nothing to do! It’s too late to go out
September 1 Stray cat Even though you’re gentle…
September 3 Public health doctor Inuzuka-sensei is frivolous
September 8 Lion(?) It must be the Dandy Lion
September 13 Love you… Send me more of this
September 17 TV I always wait for your messages
September 22 Hot spring bun I want to go with you
September 24 Extorting money? I know you are kind
September 27 Midterm You’re reliable
October 1 Inuzuka-sensei You’re good the way you are
October 8 This month I’ll dress as a maid
October 16 Tea You better switch to warm tea
October 25 Curry Don’t overdo it
October 29 Fall I long for you, too
November 1 Takashi I’ve never paid attention to him
November 5 Fake? But they are delicious
November 8 Again Are you okay?
November 12 Store Yes
November 15 Training Protect me
November 17 Pen You can keep it
November 19 Ahhh! You should consult an expert
December 3 Height You’re good the way you are now
December 6 Music You make me want to listen to it
December 20 Desperate Seasons don’t matter
January 1 New Year (one answer)
January 7 Music I’ll lend you my CDs
January 14 This is bad I’ll be right there!
January 17 Winter Let me warm you
January 19 Eh? Thyme
January 21 First dream I wish it will come true
January 26 Performance You’re already cool
January 31 Recently Do your best!
February 2 Another year You are more mature, too
February 4 My sister Do your best cleaning up
February 7 Snow You’re still young!
February 23 Dinner I wanna eat it, too

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