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Disclaimer: All info are from the Japanese wiki and from my own gameplay. Not all text will exactly match the English patch, but I’ll try to fix it as I play. If you spot any mistakes or know any missing info, please let me know!

I didn’t list the answers for events since you can see your increase/decrease in affection easily. Remember to save right before answering in case you accidentally choose the wrong answer. (It’s kind of fun seeing the different responses, too!)

Regarding text messages, I’m not sure how random they are, so not all of them are listed. I listed the texts I received during my gameplay and the answers I chose. The dates might not be exact with your own gameplay since some things vary, like level of affection, whether or not you’re a baka couple, things like that.


Uzuki Yuuto (CV: Hatano Wataru)
Birthday: November 27
Blood type: B
Height: 183cm
Weight: 65kg
Favorite color: White
Favorite food: Western
Favorite place: Cinema


1. Meeting him

Date: April 3 or April 5
Location: Station

2. Elegant student council president

Date: During the week in October / during the week in December
Condition: Boyfriend with Yuuto
Note: The first CG was in October, and the second CG (with glasses) was in December 

3. Podium

Date: June
Condition: Boyfriend with Yuuto

4. Yuuto the pianist

Date: On a weekend from September through February
Condition: Friends or above with Yuuto

5. Two people overlooking the nightscape

Date: A weekend in December 
Condition: Boyfriend with Yuuto, accept his invitation

6. Fireworks from the boathouse

Date: On a date in July (I got this CG on July 3)
Condition: Boyfriend with Yuuto, agree to go on a date
Answer choice: I’m very happy

7. Sharing an umbrella

Date: After school in June (I got this CG on June 21)
Condition: Boyfriend with Yuuto
Note: I think this is a random event (because I couldn’t get it the first time I played Yuuto’s route), so make a save file at the beginning of June and reload in case you can’t trigger this event. You’ll know it’s the right scene when you see rain in the background.
(Storm Lover Kai!! exclusive)

8. Tea party

Date: June (I got this CG on a Sunday in June, I think)
Condition: Boyfriend with Yuuto, accept his invitation to his house
(Storm Lover Kai!! exclusive)

9. Drive to the sea

Date: December 25
Condition: Boyfriend with Yuuto, seek him out in the 3rd years’ hallway on December 20 and agree to go on a date

10. Dance party

Date: From October to February (I got this on a weekend after going out)
Condition: Boyfriend with Yuuto, accept his invitation
Answer choice: No problem

11. A visit from a helicopter

Date: At home from November to February (I got this CG on November 6 after going out)
Condition: Boyfriend with Yuuto
Answer choice: Even so, I want to see you
Note: You get the second half of the CG in Souya’s Ending B.

12. Kiss

Date: A weekend in February
Condition: Boyfriend with Yuuto
Note: This event only appears if you’ve chosen “You can take off the mask!”  on January 3rd (the path to Ending A)

13. Ending A

Date: March
Condition: Answer “You can take off the mask!” on January 3 during Yuuto’s main key event

14. Epilogue A

Condition: Will appear after credits after viewing Ending A

15. Ending B

Date: March
Condition: Answer “…” on January 3 during Yuuto’s main key event

16. Epilogue B

Condition: Will appear after credits after viewing Ending B

The beach in November

Date: A weekend from November to February 
Condition: Boyfriend with Yuuto, accept his invitation
Note: This CG is actually located under Takashi’s/general CGs in the gallery. The first CG has Takumi and Yuuto under a parasol during the seaside school event, and this is the other half.


On January 3rd, you’ll see Yuuto’s first main key event.

– You can take off the mask! (Ending/epilogue A)
– … (Ending/epilogue B)

Ending B is the happy ending since it ties in with Yuuto’s side story.

Feeling Select events

Date: May 3
Location: Park
Expression: ? (red)

Date: June 14
Location: 3rd floor
Expression: ? (red)

Date: August 27
Location: Shopping arcade
Expression: ? (red)

Date: January 9
Location: Park
Expression: (`^´) (yellow)

Date: January 29
Location: Park
Expression: ? (red)

Text messages

April 9 Message (one answer)
(when you’ve started dating) Embarrassing (choose any answer)
(your birthday) Birthday (one answer)
April 12 Our school Thanks to you, I’m fine now
April 16 Are you still up? I’m very glad you texted me
April 19 Goodnight You’ve worked hard
April 23 Night sky Okay, I won’t forget
May 3 Already You’re so kind
May 10 Consult It just couldn’t be helped
May 17 Lately I’m okay
May 21 By the way I feel comfortable here
May 31 Goodnight I love you
June 2 Toratani I’ll try to talk to him
June 4 Rain Thank you
June 7 Downtown I think he’s good that way
June 7 Text I’ll text you every day
June 9 Help I’ll be there
June 14 June Please take me along
June 16 Job I can handle both
June 21 Rainy season Yes!
June 25 By the way I was about to text you
June 30 Studying I’ve been studying hard
July 2 Why? I want to be like you
July 7 Memories Yes
July 12 July… I love you, too
July 17 You… I’ll take this responsibility
July 25 Just wondering I was also thinking about you
July 25 Opinions Of course
July 30 Tell me I’ll never yield!
July 30 Why Sure! You’re more popular!
August 2 Lips Please use your power to take me
August 11 Mishiro You do care about your friends
August 16 By chance I’ll be glad if you get jealous
August 18 Resort Yes~!
August 23 The sea I can’t wait
August 27 Interested? I want to read it
August 30 Fairy tales I’m waiting for a pumpkin coach
September 1 Tatsuhara’s band You’re much cooler senpai
September 3 Problem Don’t overdo it
September 10 Shooting star We were looking at the same star
September 22 Student council I’ll be there next time!
September 24 Je t’aime I’m thinking of you
September 27 Trouble I’m on your side
October 4 Confidence I have confidence
October 8 Student council Ask me out next time
October 16 Tired I don’t hate it
October 25 Really I can feel it
November 1 Schedule It doesn’t bother me at all
November 5 Being confident Of course you did
November 8 Love letters I trust you
November 10 This season I’ll see you there
November 17 Soon Once a month
November 19 Sometimes Me, too
November 24 Good grief You guys are a nice duo
November 29 Sweets How much can I eat!?
December 1 Suddenly Me, too!
December 3 Attachment Send me your photo first
December 4 Goodnight I’m more worried about you
December 6 Are you awake? I’m happy
December 15 School life I enjoy it, thanks to you
December 29 Tatsuhara You are cooler
January 1 New Year (one answer)
January 3 Calligraphy I’m happy
January 12 Flu You must be careful, too
January 14 Snow I’m so happy
January 21 Goodnight Don’t overdo it, okay?
January 24 Graduation I’m glad you worry about me
January 26 First dream It absolutely will
January 31 Don’t make me worry I’ll be careful!
February 2 Wallpaper Please send me your picture
February 7 Somehow I was about to text you, too!
February 9 Workaholic I love you no matter what
February 11 Emoticons Wonderful
February 19 Music Please
February 23 Now I’m happy
February 25 Confessions? You’re popular. It can’t be helped

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