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** (2015.10.01) I’m still in the middle of working on walkthroughs for the rest of the guys! Sorry I haven’t had time to update them recently, but I’ll start again as soon as work dies down! **

I’ve been so addicted to this game lately!! Here’s a rough guide on how to play the game. I won’t list everything since a lot of it is straightforward in the game, but if there’s anything you’d like me to add, let me know!

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Disclaimer: All info are from the Japanese wiki and from my own gameplay. Not all text will exactly match the English patch, but I’ll try to fix it as I play. If you spot any mistakes or know any missing info, please let me know!

Unlocking general CGs

You should be able unlock all the general CGs throughout the natural course of the game. If you’re missing some CGs, they’ll be available during subsequent playthroughs. (The game will ask you if you want to skip big events and will warn you if you might miss unseen CGs.)

Raising affection

Raising affection is pretty easy in this game, but just remember to:

– Always choose your school route with the guy you’re aiming for
– Always accept his invitations, phone calls, etc.
– Reply to his texts and initiate texts. Initiate calls occasionally, too

– Save right before choosing your answer in case you didn’t choose the correct answer that will increase your affection

Note that with text messages from the guys, you can’t reply to old messages after a certain amount of time. The ones that you can still reply to will have “res” on the envelope icon.


After you’ve gotten your affection with a guy high enough, you can confess to him. If you’ve decided that you want to go for someone else, you can decline confessing to him. You can also decline if you want to wait for him to confess. (There’s no special CG or anything for his confession, so you don’t have to worry about which one of you confesses. I waited for Kyousuke to confess to me though because I like seeing him embarrassed ^q^)

Unlike the TMGS series, you can have a boyfriend really early on in the game. In fact, the earlier the better because you can see more events and read more embarrassing texts from him, haha.

Your room

You can do a few activities in your room. Each activity requires energy, and your energy is restored daily by 3 points. (Your max energy bar is 10 points.)

Call: 10 points
Text: 4 points
Study: 3 points

Making phone calls only appears once you’ve obtained a boyfriend, and you can only call him on Sundays. Since it requires an entire bar of energy, I suggest you to do only one activity on Friday and rest on Saturday, so you’ll have a full bar on Sunday. I only made phone calls once a month since it took up so much energy, and that was enough to keep his affection at max or near max. The dialogue for phone calls will repeat sometimes, so you don’t have to worry about calling all the time.


You have six subjects to study. You can increase the parameters of any of these subjects by using the “study” option in your room.

Hanging out with the girls will often increase the parameters of two subjects, so try to hang out with them once in a while. Sometimes just hanging out with them will make your parameters increase, and sometimes you have to answer their question correctly before you get your increase. (Just reload your game and choose someone else to hang out with if your parameters don’t increase after hanging out with them.) Here are the girls and which parameters they increase:

Wakana: P.E., art
Naomi: Social, English
Mimi: Japanese, math/science

If you have a boyfriend, you’ll hang out with him the day before exams, and the parameters of all subjects will increase. Sometimes hanging out with Chihiro and Takashi will increase all subjects, too.

After visiting these two locations twice by yourself, you can increase your parameters during subsequent visits, too.

Schoolyard: Increase in P.E. 
Library: Increase in random subjects

The minimum to pass your exams will change after each set of exams. Passing grades will be reflected as pink bars and failing grades as blue bars. If you fail even one exam, you have to take supplementary lessons. (I found this out the hard way…)

If you have to take supplementary lessons, your boyfriend’s dissatisfaction will increase. Not sure if this applies to Tsukasa since you’ll get to spend time with him if you have to take supplementary lessons… If someone can confirm for me, please let me know! Might help if you take supplementary lessons if you’re aiming for Chihiro or Takashi, though.

For your first set of exams, I suggest studying each subject equally. You’ll get a last boost in all subjects right before exams when you study with your boyfriend. In one of my playthroughs, I focused on one subject at a time until each one reached a passing grade, which means I neglected one subject until the last minute, and even the study session with my boyfriend the day before exams couldn’t save that subject. After your first set of exams though, it’ll be pretty easy to get your grades to passing.

After you’ve started dating someone, he’ll tell you that if you score 100 points in a certain subject (his best subject), he’ll give you a reward, which is a date to your favorite place, where your affections will increase. For example, Yuuto’s best subject is English, and Kyousuke’s best subject is history (the social stat). For Tsukasa, it’s 100 points in all subjects, haha…

Part-time jobs

Info for part-time jobs will appear on the BBS. Visit any of these three locations by yourself for the ad to appear. (Pay for each location is also listed.)

Shopping arcade: 1,000 yen (fail) / 5,000 yen (normal) / 10,000 yen (success)
Coffee shop: 6,000 yen
Game center: 4,500 yen (can also randomly increase your parameters) 

After checking the ad on the BBS, you need to visit that location a few more times by yourself (I think 2-3 times) before you can accept the part-time job. After that, any time you visit that location by yourself, you’ll be paid for your work.


After you’ve snagged yourself a boyfriend, if you have enough money and visit the Boutique, you can buy him gifts. Gifts can range from 5,000 to 20,000 yen, so get a part-time job and save your money!

Gifts in the boutique change out every few months (basically every season), so be sure to check once in a while if you want to get everything.

There’s a trick to unlocking all the attachable clothes for your guy without spending a large amount of money. Just save right before purchasing the gift for your guy, purchase one gift, load your save file again, and purchase another item.

There will be options to give him gifts for his birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, too. (The option will show up during the event, so you don’t have to visit the Boutique before Christmas or anything like that.) There will always be a “priceless” gift option if you don’t have enough money, but you can choose better gift options if you have some pocket money. Try to keep about 20,000 yen at all times if you want to give him a better gift. (I think your affection increases regardless of what gift you give, though.)

Route to school

At the beginning of every month, you can change your route to school so you can (un)intentionally run into a guy you’re aiming for and walk to school with them. It’s always best to choose a route with your boyfriend because his dissatisfaction will increase if he’s not able to walk to school with you.

This is explained in the game pretty thoroughly, but just note that if there are more than one guy with high affections for you (i.e. your boyfriend and a best friend) and you pick a route where you can encounter both of them, some conflict can occur, haha. (Unless you’re going for 3P…) This hasn’t happened to me yet because I try to avoid running into anyone other than my boyfriend, but… apparently this happens!

Feeling Select

Sometimes during an event, you’ll get a “feeling select”, which already gives you a response to the guy’s questions/situation, but you need to match the correct expression with your answer.

You only have a limited time to select the correct feeling, but you can reload your save file if you’ve picked the incorrect one.

There aren’t that many situations that have “feeling select” moments (maybe 2-4 per guy), so you don’t have to anticipate it too much.


There are three girls in this game, and they can all be your friend and your rival in love… (I’m really not a fan of any of these girls, tbh, haha. I especially hate Mimi…)

Here are who the girls aim for:

Wakana: Kyousuke, Souya, Tsukasa
Naomi: Yuuto, Takumi
Mimi: Rikka, Mio

Sometimes while you’re dating your boyfriend, your rival will drop hints that they’re interested in your guy (RUDE). To trigger rival mode, your boyfriend’s dissatisfaction (the broken heart with the blue meter) needs to be high. (You can do this by ignoring him for a long time, answering his questions incorrectly, or failing your exams.) Visit the respective rival, and rival mode might happen. After that, you can fight her off, let her steal your boyfriend, or even let her steal him and steal him back later.

I haven’t triggered rival mode before and don’t really want to, but apparently you can toy around with rival mode and see lot of different scenes. (Apparently you can even catch him cheating with your rival…!? I’m not sure about this yet, haha.)

3P mode

Even though you have a boyfriend, you can still flirt around (laughs). I’m not sure if you can actually date two people at once (like in TMGS3), but if your affection with the other guy is high enough, he can ask you to break up with your boyfriend.

During my playthrough with Yuuto, I apparently got my affection with Kyousuke too high (even though I wasn’t trying to…), and he came at the end of my Christmas date to ask me to break up with Yuuto. I declined, and it made Kyousuke’s affection tank completely. (He went from being a best friend to an acquaintance.) After that, I tried to talk to Kyousuke three times (which were awkward conversations where Kyousuke would run away) before things went back to normal. His affection still remained low, but at least he was talking to me, haha.


→ Ending + epilogue A and B

Requires low dissatisfaction (the broken heart with the blue bar under your affection) with your boyfriend and viewing all main key events. When you’re viewing your boyfriend’s first main key event (in January), you’ll be given two answer choices. MAKE A SEPARATE SAVE FILE HERE because one leads to ending 1 and the other to ending 2. (I didn’t realize this when I was playing Yuuto’s and didn’t make a separate save file… So I’m going to have to play everything all over again, haha.) The separate save file will also help when you’re trying to go for the normal ending!

I thought ending A was the happy ending and ending B was the good ending, but I thought Takumi’s second ending was a lot better than his firsts, so… who knows, haha.

→ Normal Ending

There are no CGs for normal endings. After seeing your boyfriend’s first main key event (in January), ignore him until the end of the game so that you can avoid any other key events. You’ll see the normal ending after graduation.

→ Harem ending

To get the harem ending, choose a guy to date, break up with him (by raising his dissatisfaction), then raise his affection back up to around 30\%. Repeat this for all of the six main guys, excluding Tsukasa. Make sure you’re single by the end of the game. It might help to talk to Chihiro and Takashi often, too.

Breaking up and reconciling

If you break up with your boyfriend and want to reconcile, you’re going to have to endure some awkward moments before becoming friends again. Each guy has a different amount of times you have to approach him and endure a tension-filled atmosphere, but they range from 2-5 times.

Hidden routes

There are three hidden routes and one hidden event.

→ Sugai Tsukasa

Not really a hidden route, I suppose, haha, but his route unlocks after you get either ending 1 or 2 from any of the six main guys. His route does contain CGs and events like the six main guys, so it’s a full route. You can still interact with him during your first playthrough, but his sprite that shows increase/decrease in affection won’t show up until after the first playthrough. I don’t think you can even initiate texts to Tsukasa during your first playthrough either, but you can reply to the ones he has sent to you.

→ Inuzuka Chihiro

Chihiro doesn’t have any CGs or re-playable events, but he has two endings.

→ Souma Takashi

Same as Chihiro, but you need to talk/text Takashi more than Chihiro.

→ Nanao Shiina

Shiina only appears during the seaside school event. He doesn’t have any CGs or re-playable scenes, but you need to see his event to unlock his voice profile. To unlock the event, attend the seaside school event without a boyfriend. (He’s a playable route in the sequel, though!)

More info for the hidden characters will be in separate posts.

Unlocking side stories

To get a certain guy’s side story, you need to unlock both of his endings A and B. These side stories will appear in your title menu.

Unlocking voice profiles

When you’ve finished either ending A or B for a guy, his profile will unlock under “extra” in your title menu. When you hit the triangle button on his profile, you’ll see special voices.

Since I wasn’t paying attention, I don’t know how I unlocked special voices 4 and 5 ;w; If you find out, please let me know. I’m also not sure how to unlock special voice 3, but this is speculation since I haven’t gotten anyone’s normal ending, and I’m missing special voice 3 for everyone.

Special voice 1: Unlock ending/epilogue A
Special voice 2: Unlock ending/epilogue B
Special voice 3: Unlock normal ending
Special voice 4: ???
Special voice 5: Date someone for the first time(?)

Chihiro and Takashi have three special voices. I have 1 and 3 unlocked (also didn’t pay attention) but not 2… 2 might be either of their endings since I haven’t pursued them yet.

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  1. welcometowonderland

    I don’t really think there is, unless you just wanted to keep a save file maybe one or two months in after you get a few stats raised before actively pursuing a guy!

  2. Aura

    Thank you for this! It’s taking me a long time to go through all the routes, since I start the game over every time I go after a different guy >_< Is there a certain point in the game, where you could load from and play the different routes (to save some time)? I just wish there was a way to somehow skip all the stat raising in general lol

  3. welcometowonderland

    Sorry, I can’t help since I don’t know what emulator you’re using. There should be controls that tell you which PSP buttons are assigned to the keyboard in the emulator’s menu.

  4. lala

    i play this game with my computer and i dont know what button use, help!

  5. welcometowonderland

    Finish any route with either happy ending, and you can play Tsukasa from the second playthrough onward.

  6. Felicia Fernanda

    I really want to go for Tsukasa-sensei!! Please teach me how to unlock it! please

  7. welcometowonderland

    I have but just haven’t made a walkthrough for it yet, haha. Can you let me know which ones you’re missing?

  8. Ja

    Have you already finished playing Tsukasa-sensei’s walkthrough? It seems like I’m missing 3 CG’s… Please help… ❤ I seriously cried during their parting end TnT

  9. welcometowonderland

    You can only date Tsukasa-sensei. Chihiro-sensei has an ending, but you don’t date him the same way as Tsukasa. Rather, you don’t even date Chihiro, and Tsukasa has CGs and endings like the other guys do while Chihiro doesn’t.

  10. Candace

    Can we date the teachers? I don’t see their names in the status list. Thanks for guiding.^^

  11. Shoujochan

    OMG!!! Thank you so much for this! I’ve been looking for a guide ever since the English patch from this game was released. hope to see more info from the other guys *^*

  12. welcometowonderland

    I’m glad to be of help!! I hope I can continue the guides pretty soon; work has been eating up so much of my time ;w; but hopefully things will calm down soon!

  13. welcometowonderland

    Thank you!! Was it when he asked you if you wanted to study with him? I had it happened like once or twice in each route but wasn’t sure how often it happened!

  14. Rie

    Heya! I’d just like to give info! I got a boost for all parameters from Inuzuka-sensei!. I just don’t know if this happens often or if this is a one time thing.

  15. mayu-chan

    Please let me know what you think of Rikka’s route if you happen to finish it. I’m really curious. (but only if you have the time and/or you’re in the mood). I don’t want to force you. ?

  16. welcometowonderland

    Ahhh actually, Rikka is the only route I haven’t finished yet!! I don’t usually go for the koakuma types first, and then I just got busy, so I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. But your comment really makes me want to play now AHHHHH I’ll pick it up again tonight hehe 8) (I’m a fan of Kaji’s voice, too!)

  17. mayu-chan

    My one and only favourite is Rikka. I played both endings and man… the feelings… I mean the second ending made me cry even though I really tried not to. It was just too sad! And didn’t even wanted to play that ending, but I thought the second anwser will be the happy ending… So I had to play through the other ending and it was worth it… + this way I could watch the side story too!! By the way I”m like head over heels for his voice. I tried to call him every time I could just to hear his voice!

  18. welcometowonderland

    I’M HERE FOR YOU we gotta help each other out for the sakes of our hearts… and thumbs ^q^

  19. tacypoc88

    you saved my poor thumb thanks

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  21. welcometowonderland

    What really!! That’s weird ;A; it skips everyone’s dialogues for me, and I just set message skip to “read” ;__;

  22. tacypoc88

    i thought it could only skip your own dialogue?? for some reason it only did that for me so regardless i still had to keep tapping

  23. welcometowonderland

    idk if you’ve done this yet, but I embarrassingly didn’t realize you could set your text to skip everything you’ve read already until I was in the middle of my second playthrough (SWEATS), so I was like. I could have shaved off like two hours of tapping…

  24. welcometowonderland

    I don’t remember which ending was A or B for Kyousuke, but I had assumed the one that had his proposal was the true(?) ending because the side story in the menu matches it! For Takumi, I liked ending B way more, and it also matched his side story. Those are the only two side stories I’ve unlocked so far, so I’m like… Trying to figure out if there really is a happy/regular ending?! I just finished Tsukasa’s ending A and wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be a good ending or not, hahaha

  25. tacypoc88

    oh okay thanks!! it was a lot simpler than i thought. Welp im gonna be clicking for at least 4 hours;_;

  26. tacypoc88

    also ending A in kyosuke’s route is kinda meh, I read hinano’s post and kyosuke’s ending B was a lot better so maybe ending B is generally the better one.

  27. welcometowonderland

    Oops I forgot to add, you need to keep the blue bad UNDER the line ^o^ let me know if you have any more questions!! ;w;

  28. welcometowonderland

    Oh no, not at all! It’s exactly the same as ending 1, but you need to choose the other option during the key event at the beginning of January. That’s it! (Let me know if that was confusing at all, haha.)

    I also found this out the hard way, haha. I originally thought the other ending was a good/regular ending ;__;

  29. tacypoc88

    mannn i should of read this part!! now i have to replay all of kyosuke’s route to get ending B… ;__; so to get ending 2 you need to raise the blue bar up to the line?

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