Forbidden Romance: Dangerous Relationship

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It seems like Dangerous Relationship was released maybe two days after My Butler!? I have to play catch-up with all of these mobage…

You work as a stylist in the entertainment industry. On your way to work one day, you encounter several special celebrities!

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JFC I know I’m going to like Kei and then hate myself for liking him… He’s so demonic but then tells the protag to smile… And gives her a cream puff when he noticed her stomached growled… Except the cream puff was wasabi flavored alkfja;ewija[w-easl;df SERIOUSLY, THIS GUY


Taiga kind of reminds me of Iori from Voltage’s Scandal in the Spotlight because he has to keep up a facade all the time, so I’m looking forward to playing his story ^q^ Seems nicer than Iori, though…


Subaru seems like a Nice Guy, but since he’s the one out of the five guys who’s in a rock band, I feel compelled to play his story, hehe.


And Akira… blushes for the majority of your first encounter with him, and I’m all about that.

I’m… pretty much interested in all the guys except for Ryouhei, haha. (He didn’t seem very interesting in the prologue to me…) Ryouhei and Taiga’s routes are out right now, so I’m going to play Taiga’s first!

I felt like the prologue in this game gave a good preview of all the guys in comparison to the past two or three games, so you can get a better feel for what you’re about to get yourself into, haha. (Well, I guess that’s what the free first chapter is for, but…!?)

Edit: I really enjoyed Taiga’s story ;w; It also was… pretty smutty, lmao

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Comments: 7
  1. Bethan Smith

    Only problem now is I can’t find it in my heart to play the other routes…and the characters looked good…I’m too soft

  2. welcometowonderland

    LOL I did the same!! I started playing Kira first, and Makoto was so visibly upset that I felt so bad………… This is how the get you…….. lies down

  3. Bethan Smith

    I know right? I felt the same on Forbidden Romance: My Butler, I was going to start with Shouhei but when I saw Makoto’s reaction I had to switch to him cause he made me sad with his reaction.

  4. welcometowonderland

    I’m the same!! I ended up liking Taiga a lot though because I think I’ve been conditioned by Voltage into thinking doS guys are actually huge softies. Kei was a little too S for me though, haha. I’m looking forward to Akira’s, too!! I feel so bad whenever protag rejects him, so I’m just like!! OKAY I’LL GET TO YOU, please stop being sad TwT

  5. Bethan Smith

    I normally go for the Kei type but I’m actually looking forward Akira’s (bit of leap)

  6. Bethan Smith

    Is it me or does Subaru sound like the band member who goes missing in Scandal in the Spolight?

  7. welcometowonderland

    He does!! Speaking of, I’m really excited for ryou’s route hehe

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