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I played the Touch Detective games a few years ago, so I was interested in the Nameko games when I saw them in the app store! There are a couple of mobile Nameko games, but Neo Mushroom Garden (I feel like) is the most organized and simple of the Nameko games. I ended up deleting the other Nameko games, and I’ve been playing this one the longest! (I’m playing Walk-A-Funghi as well since it’s different than the other Nameko games.)

So what do you do? You just grow these little mushrooms on a log and collect all the different types! When you place the mushrooms in your harvest box, you can collect rewards that will help you upgrade your machines. The better your machines, the bigger chance you’ll have to get rarer mushrooms!

You can also change the theme of your logs and get different Nameko depending on what theme you have!

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Anyway, it’s a rather low-stress game since you can just check the app throughout the day to harvest your mushrooms. Well, it’s sometimes relaxing… It’s frustrating when I can’t get rare mushrooms or run out of money, haha.

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