Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100-nin no Ouji-sama

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iOS App Store: Yume 100
Google Play: Yume 100
Official site: Yume 100
Promotional video: Yume 100

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Annie introduced me to Yume 100, but I couldn’t play it after my first attempt because it kept crashing… Then I tried updating my phone a few days ago, and because it crapped out in the middle of updating, I had to reset my phone to factory settings. But for some reason, that allowed me to play this game again!

This game is sooooo addicting! Puzzles, boys, and seiyuu: it’s almost everything I like, hehe. I feel like this game has a lot of content for a mobile game, so it’s hard not to get bored! It’s still really buggy though (at least, for the iOS version), and half of the event/daily battles don’t even work because it keeps crashing…


You arrange your party of princes and set out on a journey, RPG-style! The battles are puzzles, similar to Tsum Tsum. You can strengthen your collection of princes with fairies, dogs, or other princes! (I guess that was a weird sentence without context, hmm.) You usually unlock stories for your princes when you’ve leveled them to certain levels, and based on your answer choices, you can “evolve” your princes and unlock more stories. Outside of the story-related battles, there are event, daily, and challenge battles where you can unlock additional stories, items (like fairies) to help level up your princes, and gold.

Surprisingly, you can find this game in the North American App Store! (Which is what I linked to above for Apple.) This just means I’m able to spend real money on this app, but I hope I won’t have to resort to this… yet…


My current party!


He was the first prince I chose because he’s megane, and I’m predictable. (Actually, it was his blushing sprite that sealed the deal for me.) That bug tattoo(?) on his hand is incredibly unsettling though…


You can also molest poke your princes. And even zoom out to poke him… all over.

Anyway, here are some of the guys I’m interested in!


Avi (CV: Suzumura Kenichi)
Home country: Country of knights, Alstoria
Policy: Unaffected and sincere
Likes: Sword practice
Hates: Cowardly guys, spicy things


Hinata (CV: Ayumu Murase)
Home country: Country of toys, Fairbelk
Policy: E~verything is mine!
Likes: Obedient adults
Hates: Rebellious adults



Byakuyou (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou)
Home country: Koubai
Policy: You cannot achieve beauty in one day
Likes: Beautiful things
Hates: Hesitant men


Kairi (CV: Miyano Mamoru)
Home country: The lost country, Karabiner
Policy: Doesn’t allow anyone into his heart
Likes: Alone time
Hates: Conspiracy, cleaning

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Comments: 9
  1. welcometowonderland

    I haven’t played in a month, but it’s still on my phone! I have an iPhone, and it’s sitting at 435mb. I believe that’s the bare minimum because I had to reset my phone to factory settings a few weeks ago, so I haven’t re-downloaded all my personal data for that game yet. It’s a pretty big file ? I had to sacrifice some other boyfriends when I first downloaded this game, haha.

  2. rexelid

    Hello. Do you still play this game? May I ask how much total storage this game need? Because I couldn’t move the game to sd card and with my noon phone I had to delete other applications as well ?

  3. welcometowonderland

    Doesn’t he!! I guess Miya won’t stick you in a cage though… maybe… haha

  4. beldarius

    …Miya looks nearly exactly like Toma from Amnesia. wtf

    Orion’s fin ears also remind me of the dragon people from the Angelique otome games (first one is from 1995). XD

  5. Sora Kuzunoha

    I see… thank you for your help!

  6. welcometowonderland

    I think it has to do with the different time zones outside Japan. My friend told me that you can solve this by changing your phone’s time to Japan’s time, but just be warned that your event may disappear if Japan is a day ahead of you!

  7. Sora Kuzunoha

    Hello, I’m also playing this game and have a few problem…

    when I want to do a certain event, a notification pop up and I go back to the login screen… I wonder why something like that happened, do you know how to solve this?

  8. welcometowonderland


  9. unspark


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