Uta no Prince-sama: All Star After Secret Valentine messages

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There was a request for a translation for the guys’ Valentine’s Day messages, so here they are! Sorry for any mistakes!

“If you ask me about Valentine’s, honestly, I think it would make me nervous! It’s not about receiving chocolates, but the feeling of a girl saying, ‘This is making my heart pound. I want to give you chocolates,’ is cute, isn’t it!”
– Ittoki Otoya

“I don’t ordinarily eat very sweet things, but I feel like this time is special. When it comes to the chocolates that carries a person’s feelings, taking them lightly is something I cannot do. That person’s heart is important.”
– Ichinose Tokiya

“I understand I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in cooking, but things like wholeheartedly-made sweets make me happy. Because I’m thankful to receive them, I’ll make you something in return.”
– Hijirikawa Masato

“The impression of Valentine’s being the day where women confess is strong, but I, on the other hand, am always thinking that I want to receive the love in presents from you Ladies. If you’d like, I will freely devote myself to you.”
– Jinguuji Ren

“Until I became an idol, there wasn’t really a chance for this kind of event. Even now, I feel like I couldn’t get any (chocolates). Of course, if I got any, I would gratefully accept! Or something like that (laughs)”
– Kurusu Shou

“It’s the season where the sweet smell of chocolate has spread throughout the city~ I ended up buying chocolates for myself because it looked cute, but it’d be a waste to eat~”
– Shinomiya Natsuki

“I heard there is a day where women are allowed to whisper their love. I think assertive women are beautiful. It is a wonderful event. What would be a good return gift, I wonder? Agnapolis does not have this custom.”
– Aijima Cecil

“Getting a present from a wonderful girl makes Rei-chan happy! If everyone could receive these feelings, they would become happy~”
– ☆Kotobuki Reiji

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