Kissed by the Baddest Bidder – Eisuke main story and epilogue

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I was really excited to play this game because it didn’t seem like a typical Voltage game!

And… Well. I guess Eisuke is the first doS character who is… actually doS…? Maybe? I’d always thought the doS guys from Voltage were actually huge softies, which was why I liked them so much (laughs)

Eisuke stays pretty cold (and incredibly demanding!) throughout the entire story, and I was waiting the entire time for some kind of affectionate scene… There was one that was just barely affectionate…

And with how coldly Eisuke treated MC, she complied the entire time. I understood why she did so at first because she was afraid of something happening to her, but… Ugh… It’s not my taste, and I became incredibly annoyed at MC, haha. She reminds me of MCs like… the one from Diabolik Lovers… Who is also incredibly annoying.

02-eisuke-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 03-eisuke-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 04-eisuke-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 05-eisuke-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder

MC should have gone with Takahiro, sigh

I mean… I think Eisuke is great if you’re into the really S characters…? He’s not my taste though, so I didn’t enjoy his route very much…

On a side note, I like how dogs don’t like Eisuke, but he likes them…? Serves you right! Just kidding. It’s kind of cute.


Eisuke’s epilogue was better… Aside from how he still has the five-minute rule, he seems to show his affection (and jealousy?) in his own way… I don’t prefer it, but anyway…


I like Eisuke better than before, but not enough to play his sequel yet, haha. I was told he gets better in the sequel, so maybe… I’ll play it when I’m bored…

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