Shall We Date? Can’t Say No walkthrough

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Please let me know if there are any mistakes!


Chapter 1
– Normal: I feel so lonely, I won’t be able to fall asleep tonight

– Happy/sweet: Now I can devote myself to my job!

Chapter 2
– Normal: Does it really have anything to do with work?

– Happy/sweet: Can’t you stay here with me just a little longer?

Chapter 3
– Normal/happy: Squeeze the phone in between your breasts
– Sweet: Stand there stupefied

Chapter 4
– Normal/happy: It almost looks like a wedding ring…
– Sweet: Take the ring off

Chapter 5
– Normal: Deceive him and ask for a kiss
– Happy/sweet: Tell the truth and apologize

Chapter 6
– Normal: I don’t need anything
– Happy/sweet: I want to go travelling with you!

Chapter 7
– Normal/happy: Blame him for making you feel miserable
– Sweet: Talk honestly about your feelings

Chapter 8
– Normal: I don’t want to break up!
– Happy/sweet: Talk about breaking up

Chapter 9
– Normal/happy: I’ll make something for us
– Sweet: Let’s go together to the convenience store

Chapter 10
– Normal: Would you please be with me today?
– Happy/sweet: I never want to see you again


Chapter 1
– Normal: Wouldn’t we take a shower first?

– Happy/sweet: Turn my face away

Chapter 2
– Normal: Why are you still showing up?

– Happy/sweet: Were you looking for me?

Chapter 3
– Normal/happy: But I’m lonely!
– Sweet: Yeah… I know

Chapter 4
– Normal/happy: Yeah…
– Sweet: I didn’t

Chapter 5
– Normal/happy: Are you jealous?
– Sweet: I’m so excited!

Chapter 6
– Normal/happy: I see…
– Sweet: Be about to faint because of the shock

Chapter 7
– Normal: Came to check if I’m still alive
– Happy/sweet: Hug him without saying anything

Chapter 8
– Normal: Give him a food supplement
– Happy/sweet: Softly touch his cheek

Chapter 9
– Normal: I’m still scared

– Happy/sweet: This may be the end

Chapter 10
– Normal: I feel so touched, I start crying
– Happy/sweet: I take him in my arms


Chapter 1
– Normal/happy: I wish you’d bought them just for me
– Sweet: Thank him and accept the gift

Chapter 2
– Normal/happy/sweet: Tease him by offering the chair next to you

Chapter 3
– Normal/sweet: Stay silent and nod at him

– Happy: I would love to…

Chapter 4
– Normal/happy: Teasingly hold it out to him in one hand
– Sweet: Give the cake to him with a smile

Chapter 5
– Normal/happy: Shrug him off saying it’s not his business
– Sweet: Tell him firmly you don’t have a choice

Chapter 6
– Normal: I really wanted to see you!

– Happy/sweet: T-thank you so much!

Chapter 7
– Normal/happy: Hug onto him, saying you’re happy to hear that
– Sweet: Then I want you to cheer me up some more

Chapter 8
– Normal/happy: But that’s impossible!
– Sweet: Look down apologetically

Chapter 9
– Normal/happy: Bring his hand to your chest
– Sweet: Why didn’t you say anything?

Chapter 10
– Normal/happy: Say you’ll do anything and take off your clothes
– Sweet: I want to be with you

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